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    Lev, what will happen if multiple of your applications get accepted?
  2. findekano

    Funny Pics and Vids

    He'll double your wage ;)
  3. findekano

    Teamspeek Addons

    does this just add expletives from 10-12 year olds?
  4. findekano

    Matt's Texture Dev Topic

    ah, your stuff is amazing.
  5. findekano

    ~The MCME Sunday Times~ [05/11/14]

    because looking up stuff, and copying and pasting it in (which the whitelist encouraged) demonstrates significant knowledge of Tolkien's work. I understand why the whitelist was implemented, and the reasons are such that I am not sure its removal is a good idea (but I'm not the one that has to...
  6. findekano

    Matt's Texture Dev Topic

    the imgur error message is a little too square for my tastes, but it would interesting to see other opinions.
  7. findekano

    Movie Night - Can it return?

    If someone streams a movie that they legally have access to, I believe that is legal. You could set it up in some sort of screenshare application. In all honesty, I'm probably going to end up illegally streaming it anyway, but that is a different issue.
  8. findekano

    Setting up the website

    What was the change to the forum?
  9. findekano

    MordorMap for ideas for building mordor.

    oops, I didn't read the article... that wasn't meant to be an insult.
  10. findekano

    Movie Night - Can it return?

    I can't think of any reason against this, but I probably won't be in too many, with all you british people and your time zones. In all seriousness, my schedule is getting insane, but this still seems cool.
  11. findekano

    MordorMap for ideas for building mordor.

    The black gate and the boat are probably the best of the bunch, but the only one I could even potentially see in middle earth would be the ship.
  12. findekano

    Setting up the website

    Because power struggles occur everywhere, before this whole thing happened, Megga was easily the most influential person on the server with the possible exception of q himself.
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    Finished North Ithilien

    The heads of the statue are going to be interesting then, also we will probably need graffitied textures as well.
  14. findekano

    Ithilien Texture Request

    @MattTheLegoman um, I do all my skins in novaskin and by extension pixlr. you would have to upload them to novaskin with the rest of a texture pack, then saving it in the position you like, then use the imgur link it gives you. For my meat textures, the only image editing I had done up until...
  15. findekano

    Finished North Ithilien

    Lore question, at the time Frodo and Sam see it, the statue is griefed by orcs, is this applicable or not given the time the server takes place