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  1. ItsMeJade

    Cooking for Hobbits! Event!!!

    Good afternoon/morning/night (whatever it is for you guys XD ) Me and @Archimdes have looked at all your beautiful meals these last two weeks and first of all, we would like to thank everyone who has participated in the event! You guys are truly amazing cooks. Of course, some stood out more...
  2. ItsMeJade

    Cooking for Hobbits! Event!!!

    sectretly this “woman” was just your mother :p
  3. ItsMeJade

    LOL That Droog Said...

  4. ItsMeJade

    LOL That Droog Said...

    @Archimdes :oops:
  5. ItsMeJade

    LOL That Droog Said...

    Talked to Aether today in serverchat and he said the same thing XD
  6. ItsMeJade

    Going Away Thread

    Date leaving: 24th of July Date returning: 27th of July Reason: Being a tourist in my own country for the weekend with my boyfriend;)
  7. ItsMeJade

    Cooking for Hobbits! Event!!!

    Make something that you think the hobbits would love to eat but ofcourse you can make things that already exist nowadays. Just try to make something original :)
  8. ItsMeJade

    Cooking for Hobbits! Event!!!

    I made this dinner today for my family and thought I’d just put it in (eventhough I don’t participate;)) I guess the hobbits made their way into Pelargir (bcs well, Venice vibes) because today they’ll be eating Pasta Pesto / Pasta Pelargir :p
  9. ItsMeJade

    Cooking for Hobbits! Event!!!

    Cooking for Hobbits! By ItsMeJade (And Archimdes) *But what about second breakfast?* Well, yeah? What about it? Hobbits have always been hungry creatures, from potatoes to cheese, salad or chicken. Hobbits are well known for their big appetite. Hobbits are always hungry and they have asked YOU...
  10. ItsMeJade

    Xmine01 - Foreman application

    yay xmineruu
  11. ItsMeJade

    ~The MCME Times~[05/31/2020]

    SmaugJuice woah
  12. ItsMeJade

    Hey bestie

    Hey bestie
  13. ItsMeJade

    Guide and badge applications

    Amazing you’re back! Hope you missed us XD :)
  14. ItsMeJade

    Accepted ItsMeJade ~ Guide Application

    Love you Palla