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Recent content by yourie98

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    A Whole New Music Thread

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    A Whole New Music Thread

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    Desert Island Discs

    No particular order 1. Only fear of death - Tupac 2. Ballad of Boothill - Johnny Cash 3. Shot you down - Isaiah Rashad 4. Never had a friend like me - Tupac 5. If I had - Eminem 6. Suicidal thoughts - Biggie 7. California dreaming - The Mamas and The Papas 8. Fine whine - A$AP ROCKY 9. LPFJ 2 -...
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    New proposed Rules Committee

    Okay now that I think of it, in these situations other enforcers could just step in... You may have a point Heartseeker. Lol sorry for the spam everyone
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    New proposed Rules Committee

    So an enforcer should always be objectively when enforcing rules like you said ofcourse, but when situations get personal between an enforcer and someone breaking the rules it can be difficult
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    New proposed Rules Committee

    I dont think its as much about whether rules are necessary or not, but more about situations where there are disagreements about the ways to interpret the rules and its limits. In these situations common sense would come into play. But I think Common sense may not be as common for everyone, and...
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    A Whole New Music Thread

    we cant post youtube videos anymore? this song is nice though
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    Thanks for your contributions and hope to see you around!
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    A Whole New Music Thread

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    The New Head Designer!!!

    congrats sir
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    Music stuff

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    thanks man

    thanks man
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    ~The MCME Times~ #15/17 - Gondor RP 2.1 Being Released

    The screenshot of the week is awesome
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    Funny Pics and Vids

    Comparing people on a minecraft server to a fascist state..