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Commoner Manual

Commoner Manual 2020-01-18


Commoner Manual

This guide is a compendium of all information newly promoted commoners, which contains all the details of what new privileges are available.

It is recommended that all Commoners should read this manual upon being promoted

The Commoner is the most populous rank on MCME after Adventurer. You will share the rank with old and experienced players, players who have left a rank above (Ie Artist, Guide, or above), and other, newer members of the community who have been recently promoted. As a commoner, you have proven that you are a trusted member of the community.

A commoner is promoted to the rank after receiving 10 votes. Votes are given by Artists, Guides and above for various contributions towards the server. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Participation in Jobs (Ran by Foremen and Designers)
  • Participation in Mini-games (Ran by Guides)
  • Participation in Tours (Ran by Guides)
  • Attempting a theme build (With /theme)

General positivity, good conduct and engagement within the community can also be rewarded by votes.

New permissions

The biggest difference between a Commoner and an Adventurer is a Commoner has access to build on the Freebuild world.

Here, a Commoner can build without having to follow the regulation of whatever the current theme as, as they would when building a Theme Build. Despite this, there are a few rules that must be followed.

These include but are not limited to:

  • A new build must be started at least 50 blocks away from another build. If it is not, it risks being moved by a staff member.
  • You must not edit builds by another member of the community without their prior permission first. Failure to follow this rule is viewed as grief.
  • All builds must follow the Terms of Service and Rules.

Failing to abide by these rules will result in punishment by a Moderator

The Freebuild World can be accessed via the command /mvtp Freebuild
A list of all warps within the Freebuild world can be viewed via the command /warp list -w Freebuild
Once you have been into the Freebuild world once, you can do /Freebuild to get back to where you last were in the world

Commoners may also apply for certain badges, namely the tours badge and the minigames badge. If their application is approved by the Head Guide, they may use the tours plugin or the minigame plugin, respective on what badge they applied for.

Under exceptional circumstances, a commoner may be granted the World Edit Badge and/or the Voxel Badge. This usually occurs if a trusted Designer resigns to Commoner. A commoner must speak to the Head Builder if they are interested in applying for the World Edit badge and/or the Voxel Badge.

Finally, Commoners have access to the Commoner chat on discord. Here, they may interact with one another as well as team and staff members. They may talk about builds, events, or anything related to the server. As it is an on-topic chat, all irrelevant discussion will be asked to be moved elsewhere.

Demotion from Commoner

As with every other member of the community, a Commoner must follow the Terms of Service. Failing to do so may result in the commoner being set to an Oathbreaker. Furthermore, if a Commoner is seen as no longer trustworthy, then the right is reserved to remove the commoner's rank. If this is the case, a judgement will be made if the Commoner can return to their rank.
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