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    Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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    Joining the server can be done straight away, but you will have to pass the New Player Quiz. Use the The New Player Guide to get acquainted with our community.

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Guide Manual

Guide Manual 1

Guide Manual

This guide is a whistlestop tour of all useful information for newly promoted or aspiring Guides. All Guide trainees should familiarise themselves with this manual in order to know what to expect.

All Guides need to read and strictly follow this manual, or otherwise, risk the consequences.

The Guide rank is one of the more less common ranks on the server, with a rough range of 4 - 8 other players being holders of the rank at the same time as you. There are a few necessities and requirements that a Guide Applicant must bear in mind before applying for the rank. Of course, skills can be improved and facts learnt, and potential will never be ignored, but the basics must be there. These are:

  • You must have a moderately high playtime/activity on the server
  • You must be an Adventurer or above
  • You must have a fairly decent knowledge of both Tolkien’s Lore as well as MCME Server Lore
  • You must be a responsible and mature player who demonstrates level headed behaviour even in the most difficult of situations

To apply for Guide, you must send in an application in the forum (Guide), making sure it follows the format and reaches the requirements stated both above and in the Guide application Format. This will then be reviewed by the Head Guide and a Manager (if they were promoted from Guide) before being put forward to the other guides for review.

New commands

As a Guide, you will get access to a couple new commands:

/tp <player> allows you to directly teleport to a player without having to use /tpa first. However this is bound to the limitation that you need to ask every holder of a higher rank (namely Foreman, Designer, Manager and Head...) whether it is okay to teleport directly to them. Keep using /tpa unless you have the explicit agreement of the staff member or Foreman you want to teleport to that it is okay to do so.

/vote <player> allows you to vote for Adventurers that you feel have earned the rank of Commoner. Doing this will add one vote to their score, bringing them one step closer to becoming a Commoner. You can only vote for the same player once. Vote for a player if he is spreading a friendly vibe, shows interest in the builds, helps in jobs, joins tours, talks on Discord, etc... Do not give out votes solely because an Adventurer asks for them.

Additionally you can switch gamemodes with /gm 1 for creative mode, /gm 0 for survival mode and /gm 3 for spectator mode which allows you to fly through blocks. Despite having access to creative mode, Guides still need to participate in a job run by a Foreman or Designer, in order to build in the main world.

New Permissions and Abilities

Upon promotion to Guide, you will gain several new permissions. These include the ability to start Minigames, run tours, create Guidebooks and edit public server documents. In the future, it is proposed Guides will have a role within server projects too, although at this present moment, that idea is still in planning stage.

Running Minigames:

A manual can be found here addressing all important minigame commands.

Running Tours:

/tour start - starts a tour

/tour stop - finishes a tour

Tours can obviously be of anywhere you feel is suitable, but 20 minutes is the minimum duration of a tour in order for it to be considered valid.
Try to include one large/memorable place - somewhere that those on the receiving end of the tour may recognise.
Tours should also be as interactive as possible. Unless for a large event eg a video, Great Lore Tour etc, Tours can be relatively informal, so making it fun as well as interesting for the audience is key.
Try to tour locations you feel confident with, and don't always go for really obscure locations unless you feel you have enough knowledge of the said location to give a tour that fits within the criteria.

Making Guidebooks:

A manual for using Guidebooks can be found here

Monthly Requirements for Guides

Every month, Guides are expected to fulfill monthly requirements. These are certain tasks that gain you points. It is expected that a Guide completes their requirements in a month. Failing to complete requirements consistently across a number of months puts the Guide at risk of demotion. A guide needs a minimum of 4 points in order to pass their monthly requirements. Guide of the Month is also given out to the Guide who has the most points at the end of a month. That guide will receive the Guide Leadership role on Discord until the month is over.

A guide must have a total of 6 points to complete their requirements.

In order to fulfill their requirements, a Guide could:
  • Run a tour
  • Run minigames
  • Create Guidebooks
  • Lead an event at Server Wide events such as the Summer Events
  • Participate in meetings/trial tours
  • Contribute to the MCME Times
  • Contribute items towards the server, ie videos, development etc


Upon promotion to Guide, you will gain access to the Guide’s discord channels. It is important that a Guide utilises these channels to the best of their ability. Important channels include:

  • Guide Feed - Where important information is announced
  • Resources Channel - Where any useful resources are posted
  • Rank and Badge considerations - Where ideas about possible new guide candidates or candidates for any of the 2 guide badges are discussed.
  • Project Discussion - Where the guides can plan any forthcoming events, tours, builds etc. This channel is open to Artists, Foremen, Designers, as well as other Managers.

Communication between the other Guides is very important, and the discord channels must be used as a first place to share information between other Guides.

Demotion from Guide

If you are inactive for a longer period of time you will be messaged on whether you are still interested in holding the rank of Guide. Upon that, you may get demoted back to Commoner. As expressed before, repeatedly failing to complete monthly requirements also risks demotion from the rank. Furthermore, inappropriate behaviour and infractions of the Terms of Service and Rules will lead to an immediate demotion as well. A guide is a member of the MCME Team, and is expected at all times to display honourable and professional conduct.
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