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    Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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    Joining the server

    Joining the server can be done straight away, but you will have to pass the New Player Quiz. Use the The New Player Guide to get acquainted with our community.

    IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com

What are MCME teams?

MCME teams are a group of people, each with specific skill sets, who team up to focus on a common goal, be it coding, advertising or much more.

The Media team

The Media Team is a group of people who work together to produce visual and video content for MCME's social media accounts ( i.e. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram). To accomplish this, they have created several groups of people, each group with a different and specific skill-set. They also run and organize multiple screenshot editing contests or screenshot taking contests.

Leaders of the Media Team

The Media Team leaders are currently GingerlyGinger, Sevy, and TotiGonzales, the Vala overseeing the project.


TotiGonzales is in charge of the Video Team branch of the Media Team, and as such, he has the final say on anything that happens there. He also plays a large role in the Media Team as he is overlooking such a complex team to lead. He is also the leader of the Texture Team.


Sevy is in charge of overlooking layoutters, making sure everything comes out on time by creating posting calendars, and overall organization of the media team. She is also in charge of taking in applicants that want to get into layouting and training them.


GingerlyGinger is in charge of the screenshotting side of things, approving screenshots to be posted and training applicants that want to join the team. He is also in charge of judging the Media Winners and plays an important role in the Video Team branch, helping to make the videos come out on time. If you have any questions about anything related to this you should ask him.

Organization of the Media Team

Social Media branch of the Media Team

Social managers

Social managers are the people with the responsibility to post/queue things for the social accounts. There are two social accounts taken up by @ItsJustPeyton and @Tyranystrasz and Sevy. You can't apply for these positions as both Sevy and Ginger need to trust you and to know you very well.


Layoutters focus on taking raw content and making it into an understandable and visually pleasing format. They answer to Sevy who will give out tasks for you to complete. Blender experience is not a requirement to be a layoutter, but it is appreciated.


Screenshotters specialize in taking screenshots to be posted on social media accounts. To become a screenshotter you need to approach Gingerly who will decide if your average screenshotting quality is good enough.

Content Writers

Though content writing is usually outsourced from the Guide rank, we appreciate media team members who can write well. Sevy and Peyton are often in need of fresh captions for the numerous social media posts that go up every week.

Video Team Branch of the Media Team


Cinematographers specialize in cinematic-making (rendering short clips). To do so, they use the Replay Mod, Shaders and sometimes the Bobby Mod to create high-quality cinematics either for the Youtube channel or for other social media. They are members of the Video Team branch of the Media Team and answer to TotiGonzales and GingerlyGinger.

Video Editors

Video Editors are the people who specialize in working with editing software to put together videos using the content provided by the cinematographers.

Disclaimer! Video Editor is one of the, if not the, single most difficult positions in the Media Team as you tend to have long hours of work and a lot of feedback to take into account. "it's not easy to take up" in Gingerly's words.


There is a training process when it comes to the Video team. This process is led by Gingerly who will guide you through it. Gingerly is also in charge of Screenshotters and of training them to a certain standard and then letting them into the team.

Sevy is in charge of the training of the Layoutters. She recently implemented a new training process which previously wasn't available. But what we do know is that it will consist of her giving you some tasks to do and you will do them. If she deems your quality good enough she will let you into the team.

Requirements needed to join

There are some basic requirements to joining most of the positions. Screenshotters and Cinematographers both use shaders so you'll have to know about that. Layouters don't have many requirements but you do need to know how to use Canva as that is the online software they use.

Editors have some of the highest requirements as what they look for in applicants is a good work attitude, a fair amount of free time to spare, basic experience in video editing software and plenty of patience. If you become a video editor for the Media Team you'll be faced with tough deadlines, honest feedback.

How to join

If you’re interested in joining, please contact either @GingerlyGinger1 or @Sevy689 through discord.

The Music Team

The music team is a group of people whose aim is to create music which can be used within the Minecraft Server, the YouTube Channel and other social media platforms.

The music team is thus responsible for all of the in-game music you can hear and the music inside the YouTube videos and or other social media.

Leaders of the Music Team

The Music team is currently led by Archimdes who is responsible for making sure people are doing their job, organizing them and their work, checking in on the team, and dealing with Music team applicants.

Organization of the Music Team

The Music team is divided into three main groups; Music director, Music Developers and Music Composers.

Music Director

The Music director is @Archimdes who is lead of the Music team and whose role is mentioned above.

Music Developers

The Music Developers are the people from the Development team who help the music team implement the music into the Minecraft server through plugins.

Music Composers

The music composers are all of the people whose job is to compose the very music we listen to in the server.

The training process

There isn't a training process as they don't have the ability or the need for training applicants, that is why you must know the following things.

Requirements needed to join

There are some requirements needed to join;
  • you need to show a good understanding of music theory, musical software, and composition.
  • You will need to provide a portfolio of work if there is one and will need to compose a 30 second or longer piece that they can implement on the server.
  • They also require a small description of the work, with the reasoning behind it.
Make sure to contact Archimdes, who is the current leader, for more information, as well as the format in which to apply.

How to join

To be able to join the Music team you'll have to either contact @Archimdes through discord or contact "contact@mcmiddleearth.com" through email with the subject of "Music Team Application"

The Texture Team

The texturing team focuses on making all of the custom textures we see in-game along with all the models. They inspire the builders with the new blocks and drive up morale, as well as improving our builds.

Leaders of the Texture Team

The Texturing team is led by @TotiGonzales he is in charge of designing the resource packs and making sure everything is in order and up to standards before they bring the texture into the servers.

Organization of the Texture Team

The texture team does have some different positions in the sense that some people prefer working with models, and others with texture. But as they're just a handful of people, everyone jumps in when work needs done.

The training process

There is a training process and it consists of making textures until @TotiGonzales is happy enough with them he adds them to the resource packs. Once you do that you'll be given the “texturer” role and be allowed into the team.

Requirements needed to join

There is only one requirement which is to have made a texture that they considered good enough to have put on a resource pack. Once you have done that you'll get the discord "Texturer'' Role and be welcomed into the Texture team.

How to join

To join the Texture team you'll have to contact @TotiGonzales through discord and he'll guide you through the application process.

The Events Team

The events team focuses on the Event planning and organizing the calendar. They mainly organize the major events like spring, summer or winter events, though they do take in all types of events.

Leaders of the Events Team

The Events team leader is @Givet10 who makes sure everything runs smoothly and he usually gets the event suggestions and comments them with his team.

Organization of the Events Team

when an event is suggested they take a look at the quality of the event and if it's up to their standards they'll approve it and they'll put it into the events calendar.

Once that's done they'll also contact the Media Team so that they can advertise the events on our social media and get people to be aware of it.

The training process

There is no training process as their job doesn't require any special skills apart from event planning.

Requirements needed to join

The only requirement needed to join is that you have to be a team member (Guide+). Apart from that they would appreciate it if you had experience with running and organizing events.

How to join

To be able to join the Events team you'll have to contact Givet10 through discord and he'll guide you through the application.

The Development Team

The Development Team specializes in anything related to coding and plugins, for example they implement the texture packs that the Texture Team make, they implement the Animation Plugin and the Music Plugin.

Leaders of the Dev Team

The main leader of the Dev Team is @Eriol_Eandur who is in charge of checking the code the developers write, installing the plugins into the server, organizing the priorities and giving out tasks.

Organization of the Dev Team

Each developer works on his own plugins. Some plugins like pvp are actively developed by several developers even though that's rather uncommon. That means that there isn't really a formal structure like, for example, in the Media Team.

When a developer finishes something and wants it tested on the server they make a request to the development branch. Once Eriol looks over the code and implements it on the development server, the developer will test it in-game, and if it works as intended Eriol will then move the plugin onto the main server.

The training process

As learning Java is a relatively complicated task they don't teach you java, so you will have to know that. But what they are able to train and assist you with is with the learning of Minecraft plugin making and functionality, and the learning of Spigot API, which is the main library for Minecraft Plugins to interact with the servers.

Requirements needed to join

The only requirement needed to join is that you need to be proficient in Java as minecraft is written in it, and thus the plugins too.

How to join

To be able to join the Development team you'll have to contact @Eriol_Eandur through discord and he'll guide you through the application process.

The Times Team

The Times Team is the team responsible for all of those lovely MCME Times that get posted every two weeks. They ensure that the community is informed of all of the progress made on the server, all of the nice lore that @HoverKing knows and of all our shady affairs ;) .

Leaders of the Times Team

The Times is led by @Shen who is in charge of organizing all of the different written segments, joining them together, and posting them on the forums so that we can see them. He is also in charge of making sure the segments will be sent in on time.

Organization of the Times Team

The Times Team is divided into all of the different written segments (i.e. Interviews, Lore of the Week, etc..). Each person who writes them is in charge of them and everything they entail.

The training process

There is no training process needed to join.

Requirements needed to join

There are no other requirements other than to submit your segment on time and finish. They do recommend that when you apply you come with an idea of a segment you could do: as that would help your application.

How to join

To be able to join the Times Team you'll have to contact Shen through discord and he'll guide you through the application.

The RPG Team

The RPG Team focuses on creating ideas that will be implemented into the server by the development team. In a future they may work on storylines along with MPC’s.

Team leaders

The RPG Team is currently only being led by @Peyton:

Peyton, is in charge of most things right now, such as: planning how the team will be, choosing people to add to the team, and working on ideas.

Organization of the RPG Team​

There is no organization right now as not many people have joined yet.

The training process

There is no training process at the moment.

Requirements to join

The requirements to join are to be trustworthy, creative in any sense whatsoever and to be able to work with others in a team. But this would be the best time to join as there aren't many people in the team and they're more open to ideas.

How to join

To be able to join the RPG team you'll have to contact Peyton through discord. Alternatively you can follow the link on the forum post and wait to get a response from Peyton.

The Animations Team

The Animations Team focuses on the animations across the server, from Minas Tirith to Buckleberry Ferry. The Animations Team helps to make the server feel more immersive and interesting.

Team Leaders

The team leaders of the Animation Team are:

D3rr3x, who is in charge of all the logistics. He is also in charge of overlooking the application progress, which you still have to do over the forums.

Givet10, who mostly focuses on the role assignment, creating warps and helps out with anything else if needed

Organization of the Animations Team

There are currently two groups inside the team:

these are the people with the animations badge that create the animations on the main world.

they build the frames for the animations in plotworld before it is moved to the main world.

The training process

There is a training process for the animators accompanied by a learning curve. The training process consists of reviewing the Animations Manual on the forums and practicing in the plotworld. The training process is mostly autonomous but if you need help they are willing to give it to you.

Requirements to join

To join the animators, you need to have at least a limited World-Edit badge and an application for the animations badge.

To join the framers, you only need a good imagination, some experience in building and designing. Therefore commoners can also join the team!

How to join

To join the animators, you need to apply for the animations badge on the forums and go through the application process which will be explained once you have applied.

To join the framers you need to be invited to the team by the team leader. You can get invited by showing an interest in animations and having built some frames beforehand.

Additional comments

There is a google spreadsheet in which all of the current animation projects are noted. The spreadsheet will be expanded to include all of the already built animations, their regions and other important things. You can submit your suggestions here.
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