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MyBirthday Plugin Guide

MyBirthday Plugin

A Plugin to replace the birthday system that was on the forum

Author : Fraspace5
This Plugin store the birthdays date of the players and show them in game, when the player join* and every three hours*. It also sends a message on discord in the channel "birthday" everyday.

MyBirthday is really easy to use for each player and there are only a few commands to learn!

All the commands that you see here can be used by everyone whitout any permission
Oathbreaker can't use this plugin and his commands.


/birthday set dd/mm/yyyy

You can use this command to set the date of your birthday
dd = day of the month ( ex. 01)
mm = number of the month (January 01,...07)
yyyy = year (1971,...,2005,...)
To confirm retype the same command and read plugin messages to prevent mistakes
After that you have to wait for 6 months if you need to change something, or ask to the staff.

/birthday help
A help command
/birthday change <nameplayer> dd mm yyyy
Only staff can use this command
dd = day of the month ( ex. 01)
mm = number of the month (January 01,...07)
yyyy = year (1971,...,2005,...)

/birthday ignore
You can use this command to hide the message when you join the game. You can restore by retyping the same command
/birthday particles [on/off]
You use this command to turn on/off the particles*
If you join on the server the day of your birthday, you can see around you some beautiful particles

/birthday removedatab
You use this command to remove all your data from the database
You have to type it twice to confirm until 30 seconds

*Configurable in the config file

Disclaimer: Every personal data including the date of birth of the person is treated with the exclusive purpose of using the service by MCME.

Request: https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/birthdays.5647/

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