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    Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

    To get started, visit The New Player Guide

    Joining the server

    Joining the server can be done straight away, but you will have to pass the New Player Quiz. Use the The New Player Guide to get acquainted with our community.

    IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com

Official Rank and Roles List

The Official list of all MCME Team members currently and of past. MCME Team members are the group consisting of the Staff and all non-Staff individuals who work within the MCME community.

This document is updated by MCME Admins and Assistants and is owned by the Official MCME google account.

*If there is a mistake or error within the document please contact MCME Admins and/or Assistants to mend the inaccuracy.

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MCME_Drive -> MCME_Public -> Documents
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