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    Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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    Joining the server

    Joining the server can be done straight away, but you will have to pass the New Player Quiz. Use the The New Player Guide to get acquainted with our community.

    IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com

PVP Server Manual

PVP Server Manual


Legend: PvP Staff, PvP Manager, Team, Moderator, Everyone
  • /pvp
    Brings you from another server to the pvp server.
  • /pvp map list
    Lists all pvp maps with their gamemodes. (is unorganized)
  • /pvp game quickstart <map-type> <game-parameters> [test]
    Creates and queues a new pvp game. For Information about <map-name> <game-parameter> see the guide below. If you do this command when a game is already queued then it will enter a queue which will automatically continue, however this does not send a broadcast, nor does it autostart the game. Optional argument test pevents sending a broadcast message to announce the game.
  • /pvp game start | end | getgames
    Starts a previously queued game, ends a queued or running game and gives you the current first two in queue and/or running games.
  • /pvp join
    Joins a queued or running pvp game.
  • /pvp kick <player>
    Kicks a player from a queued or running pvp game and teleports him to the main world server.
  • /pvp rules <gamemode>
    Displays pvp rules.
  • /pvp pipe
    Gives you a pipe for a relaxing 'smoke'.
  • /pvp fbt
    WIP: effective full brightness for certain maps, like khazad-dum and moria west gate
  • /pvp stats [clear]
    Displays pvp statistics or resets pvp statistics of all players
  • /pvp togglevoxel
    Enables or disables VoxelSniper plugin
  • /pvp lobby
    Gives a sign which has the map details.
  • /pvp map <map-name>
    Creates a new map with name, also opens the map editor.
  • /pvp map spawn <map-name>
    Teleports player to the spawn of said map.
  • /locker lock | kickall
    Argument lock locks or unlocks the pvp server which means other players can do /pvp to get on the server.
    Argument kickall connects all players without PvP Manger permission to mainworld server.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> delete
    Permanently deletes said map.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> gm <gamemode>
    Sets the gamemode of said map, can also be used to edit existing maps.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> listspawns
    Sends you the list of all spawns currently present on the map.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> max <integer>
    Sets the max ammount of players for said map.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> name <new map-name>
    Edits the map name, enforces the endings (-IN, -TDM, -RB etc.)
  • /mapeditor <map-name> rp <resource pack>
    Sets the resource pack of said map, can also be used to edit the resource pack if wanted.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> setarea
    Sets the area of the map, be sure to use //expand vert before setting the area!
  • /mapeditor <map-name> spawn hide
    Shows all spawns as armourstands, currently armourstands do not glow, however this will happen in the future.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> spawn show
    Shows all spawns as armourstands, currently armourstands do not glow, however this will happen in the future.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> spawn <spawn name> delete | create | setloc
    Deletes a spawn, creates a spawn, or resets the location of an existing spawn with the name you have written.
  • /mapeditor <map-name> title <title>
    Sets the title of the map, can also be used to edit the title it currently has.
  • /l
    You can use local chat at the pvp server, it's range is 20 blocks
  • /g
    Global chat has pvp prefixes and is not linked to other servers

PVP guide
  • Unlock the server with /locker lock.
  • Do /pvp game quickstart <map-type> <extra variable>. The <map-type> is the variable with which you choose which map and which gamemode you want to play. All letters in this sections are caps and all combinations are found down below (do note a few are marked unfinished, don't play those).
    The <extra variable> is the extra variable that some gamemodes need, this is always a number and indicates or the time or the necessary games. A more detailed list of gamemodes and how they work is below.
    For example Teamslayer with a goal of 10 kills on Bag-End would have the command /pvp game quickstart BE-TS 10, do note if you want to change the <extra variable> without changing map that is possible, just do the same command with changed variable.
  • Maps with abbreviations, gamemodes and coordinates (Red means not playable):
    • Amon Sul
      • Abbreviation: AS Gamemodes: IN OITQ TS TDM FFA
      • Coordinates: -345 105 -410
    • Anorien Village
      • Abbreviaton: AV Gamemodes: TS,TDM,RB,FFA
      • Coordinates: 5000 60 6000
    • Arena
      • Abbreviation: A Gamemodes: TDM
      • Coordinates: 914 84 -444
    • Bag-End
      • Abbreviation: BE Gamemodes: TS IN RB TDM FFA
      • Coordinates: 357 83 1662
    • DDay
      • Abbreviation: DD Gamemodes: TS,IN
      • Coordinates: -2000 50 2000
    • Breredon-Haysend
      • Abbreviation: BH Gamemodes: TS OITQ IN FFA TDM
      • Coordinates: 413 15 1125
    • Bridge of Khazad-Dum
      • Abbreviation: BOK Gamemodes: TS TDM
      • Coordinates: 2888 4 3167
    • Castle Greymane
      • Abbreviation: CG Gamemodes: IN
      • Coordinates: -1000 4 -2000
    • Dol Amroth Harbour
      • Abbreviation: DAH Gamemodes: FFA, TDM, TS, OITQ, RB, IN
      • Coordinates: 2025 45 4150
    • Dome of the Stars
      • Abbreviation: DOS Gamemodes: TDM FFA TS IN RB
      • Coordinates: -1300 95 1000
    • Elytra race
      • Coordinates: 1053 86 9958 and 1974 212 10679
    • Glacier
      • Abbreviation: GL Gamemodes: FFA
      • Coordinates: -5000 85 0
    • Helms Deep
      • Abbreviation: HD Gamemodes: TS TC
      • Coordinates: 363 74 -333
    • Hobbiton
      • Abbreviation: HO Gamemodes: TS RB IN TDM FFA OITQ
      • Coordinates: 400 70 1800
    • Iant Dirnen
      • Abbreviation: ID Gamemodes: TDM, TS, RB
      • Coordinates -3000 150 3000
    • Lake Town
      • Abbreviation : LT Gamemodes: FFA,OITQ,IN,TS
      • Coordinates 3000 60 4000
    • Minas Tirith
      • Abbreviation: MT Gamemodes: TS TC
      • Coordinates: 2000 5 2000
    • Osgiliath Marketplace
      • Abbreviation: OMP Gamemodes: FFA, IN, RB TDM TS OITQ
      • Coordinates: -1715 65 1116
    • Ost-In-Edhil
      • Abbreviation: OIE Gamemodes: TS FFA TC OITQ TDM IN
      • Coordinates: -518 40 657
    • Parkour 1
      • Abbreviation: PK1 Gamemodes: DR
      • Coordinates: -2145 19 -2995
    • Paths of the Dead
      • Abbreviation: POTD Gamemodes: TS TDM IN RB
      • Coordinates: 1000 50 2000
    • Pelargir Stadium
      • Abbreviation: PS Gamemodes: TS TDM
      • Coordinates: 785 43 500
    • Pyramid
      • Abbreviation: PY Gamemodes:
      • Coordinates: -999 23 9999
    • Rivendell
      • Abbreviation: RI Gamemodes: RB TDM OITQ IN TC FFA TS
      • Coordinates: -550 218 1200
    • Rohan Village1
      • Abbreviation: RV1 Gamemodes: TS TDM IN RB FFA
      • Coordinates: 1088 123 1111
    • Ship Battle 2
      • Abbreviation : SB2 Gamemodes: TDM, TS, RB
      • Coordinates : 4000 60 5000
    • Ship Battle
      • Abbreviation: SB Gamemode: TS TDM
      • Coordinates: 4000 20 3000
    • Spaceship
      • Abbreviation: SS Gamemode: IN, TS, TDM
      • Coordinates: 3982 34 3977
    • Summoners Rift
      • Abbreviation: SR Gamemode: TDM, TS, RB
      • Coordinates:-2000 20 -2000
    • Weathertop
      • Abbreviation: WE Gamemodes: TDM TS FFA RB OITQ
      • Coordinates: -350 106 118
  • Gamemodes and extra variables needed
    • Team Slayer
      • Abbreviation: TS Variable: Kills needed for victory
        Goal: Kill the enemy team until you as a team have the amount of kills for victory. (Respawns enabled)
    • Free-for-All
      • Abbreviation: FFA Variable: Time in minutes
        Goal: Get as much kills as possible in the time allotted. (Respawns enabled)
    • Team Deathmatch
      • Abbreviation: TDM Variable: None
        Goal: Kill the enemy team, before yours gets killed. (No respawn)
    • Infected
      • Abbreviation: IN Variable: Time in minutes
        Goal: As infected kill all survivors. As survivor fight for your life and make sure you don't die. (Respawn enabled, however you turn into an infected)
    • One in the Quiver
      • Abbreviation: OITQ Variable: None
        Goal: Get to 21 kills as soon as possible, but you have only one arrow that insta-kills if fully charged. (Respawn enabled)
    • Ringbearer
      • Abbreviation: RB Variable: None
        Goal: Kill the enemies ringbearer to disable their respawnability, whilst protecting your own ringbearer. Then kill the enemies. (Respawn enabled until ringbearer dies)
    • Team Conquest
      • Abbreviation: TC Variable: Points needed
        Goal: Capture at least half the beacons and kill the opponents to obtain points, the more beacons the more points. (Respawn enabled)
    • Capture The Flag
      • Abbreviation: CTF Variable: Points integer
        Goal: Capture the enemy banner(flag) from close to their spawn and escort it to your own banner to earn a point
    • Death Run
      • Abbreviation: DR Variable: Time in minutes
        Goal: For the runners to reach the end of the map and right clicking the beacon. For Death to kill all runners before they can reach the goal.
  • Once everyone has joined (using /pvp join), do "/pvp game start" to start the game.
  • Once you are done with all the games you want to run, do /locker lock. This will kick every non-staff from the server and lock it.
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