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  1. Dol Amroth Lovers Bridge

    Dol Amroth Lovers Bridge

    I had gotten a shot of this bridge in a Sevy Tour video from 2021, and I wanted to come back to it and do it real justice. It is a very pretty build. Makes for a good test of a shader's global illumination settings as well.
  2. Dol Amroth Edge

    Dol Amroth Edge

    This tower has been the subject of many a screenshot over the years, and I don't blame its photographers one bit. Still, it does make it hard to come up with different styles and angles for it. In this case, I felt that the warm morning lighting went well with the fog surrounding the rest of it.
  3. Dol Amroth Miniature Square

    Dol Amroth Miniature Square

    I don't like to stick to one style of screenshot. Instead, I try to vary up my settings and editing from time to time to give a wide range of styles. In this case, I was definitely going for the moody, dark atmosphere.
  4. Some Island I Forget The Name Of

    Some Island I Forget The Name Of

    Er, not much to say on this one. I liked how the clouds go with this one. Been a while since I did a silhouette shot.
  5. Pelennor Fields Vegetation

    Pelennor Fields Vegetation

    Lil' basic, but I liked it. :P
  6. Minas Tirith Aerial Cloudy

    Minas Tirith Aerial Cloudy

    My third version of a shot from this angle. I didn't expect to get a good shot from this angle, but the fog, cloud shadows, and varying tones really made this version stand out.
  7. 48 Hour Short Still

    48 Hour Short Still

    Got this still from one my clips meant for the 13th Anniversary YouTube Short to demonstrate my settings to Toti. I actually am rather happy with the shot, though, so I'm posting it here.
  8. Andrast Bay Warm Square

    Andrast Bay Warm Square

    Not as satisfied with this final shot as I was at the time taking it in-game, but it honestly could be far worse. Think I expected the cloud shadows to work a bit better, but it's hard to complain with this result.
  9. Andrast Cliffs Davinci Goldenish

    Andrast Cliffs Davinci Goldenish

    A more recent shot. This is the result of me watching a 25 minute video on woodland photography and getting inspired. For this shot, I chose a less wide aspect ratio to experiment with aspect ratios other than my normal go-to square, 16:9, and 9:16 ones.
  10. Andrast Yellow Custom Sky

    Andrast Yellow Custom Sky

    This shot was taken around the peak of my creative rush in June and July. Using the seasons feature of Bliss, I purposefully framed the composition of the shot so that I could crop it to the vertical after taking it. I think came out quite nicely.
  11. Some Coastal Spot in Andrast

    Some Coastal Spot in Andrast

    After a creative rush from June till August, when I got some of my favorite shots to date, I was rather grasping at straws for that creativity and motivation to screenshot. This shot came out of that time in September and isn't doing anything special as a result. It's not bad, but not great either.
  12. Forest Update Poster

    Forest Update Poster

    Making up for the lack of a 13th Anniversary logo design with a basic Forest Update logo. Shot with Bliss Shaders' bokeh depth of field.
  13. Forest Update Treetops

    Forest Update Treetops

  14. Forest Update Sunset

    Forest Update Sunset

  15. Forest Update Tree Silhouette

    Forest Update Tree Silhouette

  16. Barrow Downs Ginger Interpretation

    Barrow Downs Ginger Interpretation

    I was just messing around with the settings the night I took this one. Thought it was kinda cool. Shot with Bliss Shaders.
  17. Bree Foggy Night

    Bree Foggy Night

    Nothing all that interesting with this one. Just messed with the fog settings a bit. Shot with Bliss Shaders.
  18. West Gate Misties Autumn

    West Gate Misties Autumn

    The Moria West Gate entrance with Bliss Shader's seasonal settings in play.
  19. Mount Gram Square

    Mount Gram Square

    Mainly a test of Bliss Shader's global illumination, or bounce lighting.
  20. Andrast Winter - Bliss Shaders

    Andrast Winter - Bliss Shaders

    A Winter-themed shot of Andrast's terrain.