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  1. Minas Tirith

    Minas Tirith

  2. Tower of Ecthelion

    Tower of Ecthelion

  3. Lond Daer Warm YIR23 Settings

    Lond Daer Warm YIR23 Settings

  4. Lond Daer Palace Cloudy

    Lond Daer Palace Cloudy

  5. Lond Daer Temple Thingy

    Lond Daer Temple Thingy

  6. Edoras Aerial Warm

    Edoras Aerial Warm

  7. Osgiliath West Gate

    Osgiliath West Gate

    Not to be confused with Moria West Gate!
  8. Osgiliath Tower

    Osgiliath Tower

    Not much to say on this one. Was just nice to get a shot of the tower instead of the dome, lol
  9. Osgiliath Bridge Silhouette

    Osgiliath Bridge Silhouette

    Was experimenting with a new technique to get this shot. Bright fog and the sun placed behind the focus, allowing for a very clear silhouette. Love how it came out!
  10. Pelargir Foggy Afternoon

    Pelargir Foggy Afternoon

    High contrast shots are HARD. You'd think you could just up your contrast and call it a day, but no. You need to keep the depth and detail in your colors clear in every corner of your shot. It's like painting a picture. The barracks didn't come out quite like that here, but I still love this shot.
  11. Pelargir Outskirts

    Pelargir Outskirts

    Older shot, definitely. Liked how the lighting came out and the rich colors, but aside from that, this shot ain't quite doing it for me. The blur is obviously Gaussian and just smears everything it touches. This was also a shot that just didn't need to be 16:9.
  12. Pelargir Dome

    Pelargir Dome

    I realized a couple months back that I didn't have any good shots of the dome of Pelargir. I realized upon finding this in my folders that I still don't have any good shots of the dome of Pelargir. This one's fine, but nothing more. It's just kinda inoffensive. Bland. Just... fine.
  13. Calembel Aerial Foggy

    Calembel Aerial Foggy

    Perhaps a bit more direct lighting would've helped the left side, but beyond that, I honestly really like the colors of this shot.
  14. Calembel Weird Coloring

    Calembel Weird Coloring

    Not much to say on this one. Feels nice and sharp, but the tone is a bit curious.
  15. Methrast Cloudy

    Methrast Cloudy

    This was taken not long after discovering that stormy weather darkened my shadows and clouds in the Bliss version of the time. Made full use of that reintroduced feature carried over from Chocapic.
  16. Methrast Saturation Test

    Methrast Saturation Test

    Took this shot nearly a year ago now. I was testing an editing filter with this one. The colors actually reminded me of the Super Mario Movie promotional poster at the time, curiously, lol
  17. Linhir Archway

    Linhir Archway

    Really basic, but I wanted to try to get a shot of Linhir while it was still in progress since I hadn't been there in a while.
  18. Dol Amroth Low Aerial Shot

    Dol Amroth Low Aerial Shot

    For years, I've wanted to get shots of cities like Dol Amroth from angles where you can see the horizon and the rooftops at the same time. Due to chunk rendering limits (and the limits of my rigs), this is near impossible to do well. The fog helps make this attempt look alright in this case.
  19. Dol Amroth Lovers Bridge

    Dol Amroth Lovers Bridge

    I had gotten a shot of this bridge in a Sevy Tour video from 2021, and I wanted to come back to it and do it real justice. It is a very pretty build. Makes for a good test of a shader's global illumination settings as well.
  20. Dol Amroth Edge

    Dol Amroth Edge

    This tower has been the subject of many a screenshot over the years, and I don't blame its photographers one bit. Still, it does make it hard to come up with different styles and angles for it. In this case, I felt that the warm morning lighting went well with the fog surrounding the rest of it.