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  1. Osgiliath West Gate

    Osgiliath West Gate

    Not to be confused with Moria West Gate!
  2. Osgiliath Tower

    Osgiliath Tower

    Not much to say on this one. Was just nice to get a shot of the tower instead of the dome, lol
  3. Osgiliath Bridge Silhouette

    Osgiliath Bridge Silhouette

    Was experimenting with a new technique to get this shot. Bright fog and the sun placed behind the focus, allowing for a very clear silhouette. Love how it came out!
  4. Orruss

    Finished Cair Andros Revamp 2.0

    ~:~|~:~ Cair Andros ~:~|~:~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Project Leader: Orruss Co-Leader: barteldvn Introduction + Lore So...let's make things simpler. Cair Andros; "Ship of the long-foam", is a fortified island east of Anorien following the Anduin river north from Osgiliath. The...
  5. Osgiliath DOS Personal Sky - Bliss Shaders

    Osgiliath DOS Personal Sky - Bliss Shaders

    The Dome of the Stars portrayed with Bliss Shaders and a picture of the sky that I took.
  6. Minas Tirith Render

    Minas Tirith Render

    Finally, another Chunky render. This one took quite a bit of editing work, but I'm very pleased with how it came out.
  7. Dome of the Stars

    Dome of the Stars

  8. Dome of the Stars

    Dome of the Stars

    The Dome of the Stars in Osgiliath
  9. Osgiliath


  10. Osgiliath


  11. Osgiliath


  12. Eastern Gondor

    Eastern Gondor

  13. MCME 2021-08-14_16.00.37.2.png

    MCME 2021-08-14_16.00.37.2.png

    Osgiliath, Dome of the Stars
  14. Anórien castle

    Anórien castle

  15. Osgiliath/Pelennor fields

    Osgiliath/Pelennor fields

  16. Osgiliath/Pelennor fields

    Osgiliath/Pelennor fields

  17. Osgiliath


  18. Osgiliath


  19. Osgiliath


  20. Personal Work on Osgilith (with help!)

    Personal Work on Osgilith (with help!)

    I helped here as a worker for utmost 6-7 hours finishing off the outer walls of Osgiliath, I was assigned this personally and managed to finish half in two days until a builder came in to finish the rest. It was a learning experience with how to place and use tools but I'm happy I contributed!