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  1. Pelargir Foggy Afternoon

    Pelargir Foggy Afternoon

    High contrast shots are HARD. You'd think you could just up your contrast and call it a day, but no. You need to keep the depth and detail in your colors clear in every corner of your shot. It's like painting a picture. The barracks didn't come out quite like that here, but I still love this shot.
  2. Pelargir Outskirts

    Pelargir Outskirts

    Older shot, definitely. Liked how the lighting came out and the rich colors, but aside from that, this shot ain't quite doing it for me. The blur is obviously Gaussian and just smears everything it touches. This was also a shot that just didn't need to be 16:9.
  3. Pelargir Dome

    Pelargir Dome

    I realized a couple months back that I didn't have any good shots of the dome of Pelargir. I realized upon finding this in my folders that I still don't have any good shots of the dome of Pelargir. This one's fine, but nothing more. It's just kinda inoffensive. Bland. Just... fine.
  4. Pelargir Autumn Aerial Shot

    Pelargir Autumn Aerial Shot

    Looking through all these Pelargir shots of mine has taught me that I sometimes make mistakes that any newbie to screenshotting would make. And hey, it's always fine to experiment, but maybe not when it makes me cringe mere months later. Where's the focus of the shot, man? xP
  5. Pelargir Jousting Area - Bliss Shaders

    Pelargir Jousting Area - Bliss Shaders

    The Pelargir Jousting Arena, the perfect place to show off your lance and horse. Not that we have lances on MCME, and you would need to donate for a horse, but regardless... shot with Bliss.
  6. Minas Tirith Render

    Minas Tirith Render

    Finally, another Chunky render. This one took quite a bit of editing work, but I'm very pleased with how it came out.
  7. Pelargir


  8. Eastern Gondor

    Eastern Gondor

  9. MCME The Streets of Pelargir.png

    MCME The Streets of Pelargir.png

    A Screenshot/edit of a street in Pelargir, I think More of my screenshots can be found hear- https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/community/media/albums/serlance3000-screenshots-screenshot-edits.382/
  10. MCME The Streets of Pelargir.png

    MCME The Streets of Pelargir.png

    A Screenshot/edit of a street in Pelargir, I think
  11. Pelargir


  12. Pelargir


  13. Pelargir


  14. Pelargir


  15. Pelargir


  16. Pelargir


  17. Pelargir Theatre

    Pelargir Theatre

    Screenshot inside Pelargir Theatre located in the city of Pelargir, Gondor.
  18. Pelargir


  19. Pelargir


  20. Pelargir - Chocapic13 V7

    Pelargir - Chocapic13 V7

    Pelargir, one of MCME's biggest projects. :)