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  1. A&U Dead Tree Valley

    A&U Dead Tree Valley

  2. Entwash Revamp

    Entwash Revamp

  3. Argonath Custom Sky Edit v2_6.1.2

    Argonath Custom Sky Edit v2_6.1.2

  4. Lothlorien Boats Square

    Lothlorien Boats Square

    Not something I thought I'd manage to get a decent shot of, ngl.
  5. Belfalas Village Vertical

    Belfalas Village Vertical

    Belfalas' villages should generally hold up on the server for a good while. It's always a treat to attempt a good shot with them.
  6. 48 Hour Short Still

    48 Hour Short Still

    Got this still from one my clips meant for the 13th Anniversary YouTube Short to demonstrate my settings to Toti. I actually am rather happy with the shot, though, so I'm posting it here.
  7. Andrast Bay Warm Square

    Andrast Bay Warm Square

    Not as satisfied with this final shot as I was at the time taking it in-game, but it honestly could be far worse. Think I expected the cloud shadows to work a bit better, but it's hard to complain with this result.
  8. Edhellond Aerial Desktop Version - Bliss Shaders

    Edhellond Aerial Desktop Version - Bliss Shaders

    We're all familiar with the landscape angle of Edhellond, so I decided to get one from above at a low FOV. Shot with Bliss Shaders.
  9. Andrast Spring Creek - Bliss Shaders

    Andrast Spring Creek - Bliss Shaders

    A creek in Andrast which flows alongside the mountain range. Taken with Bliss Shaders.
  10. Cair Andros Bridge - Bliss Shaders

    Cair Andros Bridge - Bliss Shaders

    A shot of the bridge leading the Cair Andros. Taken with Bliss.
  11. Andrast Trees and River

    Andrast Trees and River

  12. Ethir Anduin B/W

    Ethir Anduin B/W

  13. Dome of the Stars

    Dome of the Stars

    The Dome of the Stars in Osgiliath
  14. Andrast Wallpaper Davinci_4.20.1 1080p.png

    Andrast Wallpaper Davinci_4.20.1 1080p.png

    Andrast in the Sunlight. Just west of /warp andrasttrees.
  15. Osgo fields

    Osgo fields

  16. River near Rendul

    River near Rendul

    A river in Lamedon, near Rendul, glimmering in the sunlight. Taken with Kappa.
  17. The River Below

    The River Below

    The river and fields of the region of Lamedon. Taken with Kappa.
  18. 2020-06-24_20.28.42 (2).png

    2020-06-24_20.28.42 (2).png

    Riverbanks in the sunset outside of Dol Amroth, home of the Prince Imrahil. Taken with Voyager (High, Volumetric Clouds, Fog, and Rays)
  19. 2020-05-25_18.11.12.png


    Bridge in North Ithilien during the dawn hours. Taken with Chocapic (Ultra). (1440 x 900p)
  20. 2020-05-21_11.09.41.png


    Cair Andros with its ships on the Anduin. Taken with Voyager (High, Volumetric Clouds).