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  1. A&U Dead Tree Valley

    A&U Dead Tree Valley

  2. Eryn Vorn Sunrise Reflection

    Eryn Vorn Sunrise Reflection

  3. Lothlorien Warm Square

    Lothlorien Warm Square

  4. Caras Galadhon Walls

    Caras Galadhon Walls

  5. Lothlorien Top Vertical

    Lothlorien Top Vertical

  6. Caras Galadhon Aerial Bliss

    Caras Galadhon Aerial Bliss

  7. Pelargir Autumn Aerial Shot

    Pelargir Autumn Aerial Shot

    Looking through all these Pelargir shots of mine has taught me that I sometimes make mistakes that any newbie to screenshotting would make. And hey, it's always fine to experiment, but maybe not when it makes me cringe mere months later. Where's the focus of the shot, man? xP
  8. Andrast Bay Warm Square

    Andrast Bay Warm Square

    Not as satisfied with this final shot as I was at the time taking it in-game, but it honestly could be far worse. Think I expected the cloud shadows to work a bit better, but it's hard to complain with this result.
  9. Andrast Yellow Custom Sky

    Andrast Yellow Custom Sky

    This shot was taken around the peak of my creative rush in June and July. Using the seasons feature of Bliss, I purposefully framed the composition of the shot so that I could crop it to the vertical after taking it. I think came out quite nicely.
  10. Forest Update Poster

    Forest Update Poster

    Making up for the lack of a 13th Anniversary logo design with a basic Forest Update logo. Shot with Bliss Shaders' bokeh depth of field.
  11. Forest Update Treetops

    Forest Update Treetops

  12. Forest Update Sunset

    Forest Update Sunset

  13. Forest Update Tree Silhouette

    Forest Update Tree Silhouette

  14. Andrast Winter - Bliss Shaders

    Andrast Winter - Bliss Shaders

    A Winter-themed shot of Andrast's terrain.
  15. A&U Beach - Bliss Shaders

    A&U Beach - Bliss Shaders

  16. Andrast Trees Green - Bliss Shaders

    Andrast Trees Green - Bliss Shaders

    A close-up shot of Andrast's trees with a mountainous backdrop. Taken with Bliss Shaders.
  17. Andrast Vertical Autumn - Bliss Shaders

    Andrast Vertical Autumn - Bliss Shaders

    A shot of the landscape of Andrast in the autumn season. Taken with Bliss Shaders.
  18. Andrast Spring Creek - Bliss Shaders

    Andrast Spring Creek - Bliss Shaders

    A creek in Andrast which flows alongside the mountain range. Taken with Bliss Shaders.
  19. Peak of Andrast - Bliss Shaders

    Peak of Andrast - Bliss Shaders

    Mountains of Andrast. Whether the trees are soot-covered or snow-covered, I'm not sure. Shot with Bliss Shaders.
  20. Hollin Ridge Landscape - Bliss Shaders

    Hollin Ridge Landscape - Bliss Shaders

    A landscape shot of Hollin Ridge. Shot with Bliss Shaders.