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  1. Tower of Ecthelion

    Tower of Ecthelion

  2. Heather Fields Andrast

    Heather Fields Andrast

  3. A&U Dead Tree Valley

    A&U Dead Tree Valley

  4. Nindalf Stream Vertical

    Nindalf Stream Vertical

  5. Southern Mordor Border Vertical

    Southern Mordor Border Vertical

  6. Mount Doom Vertical

    Mount Doom Vertical

  7. Mordor Terrain Vertical

    Mordor Terrain Vertical

  8. Lothlorien Top Vertical

    Lothlorien Top Vertical

  9. Osgiliath Tower

    Osgiliath Tower

    Not much to say on this one. Was just nice to get a shot of the tower instead of the dome, lol
  10. Cair Andros Aerial Vertical

    Cair Andros Aerial Vertical

    Good to have a few more Cair Andros shots out there for the history books.
  11. Pelargir Autumn Aerial Shot

    Pelargir Autumn Aerial Shot

    Looking through all these Pelargir shots of mine has taught me that I sometimes make mistakes that any newbie to screenshotting would make. And hey, it's always fine to experiment, but maybe not when it makes me cringe mere months later. Where's the focus of the shot, man? xP
  12. Belfalas Village Vertical

    Belfalas Village Vertical

    Belfalas' villages should generally hold up on the server for a good while. It's always a treat to attempt a good shot with them.
  13. Methrast Saturation Test

    Methrast Saturation Test

    Took this shot nearly a year ago now. I was testing an editing filter with this one. The colors actually reminded me of the Super Mario Movie promotional poster at the time, curiously, lol
  14. Linhir Archway

    Linhir Archway

    Really basic, but I wanted to try to get a shot of Linhir while it was still in progress since I hadn't been there in a while.
  15. Dol Amroth Edge

    Dol Amroth Edge

    This tower has been the subject of many a screenshot over the years, and I don't blame its photographers one bit. Still, it does make it hard to come up with different styles and angles for it. In this case, I felt that the warm morning lighting went well with the fog surrounding the rest of it.
  16. Turtle Rock Vertical

    Turtle Rock Vertical

    Er, not much to say on this one. I liked how the clouds go with this one. Been a while since I did a silhouette shot.
  17. 48 Hour Short Still

    48 Hour Short Still

    Got this still from one my clips meant for the 13th Anniversary YouTube Short to demonstrate my settings to Toti. I actually am rather happy with the shot, though, so I'm posting it here.
  18. Andrast Yellow Custom Sky

    Andrast Yellow Custom Sky

    This shot was taken around the peak of my creative rush in June and July. Using the seasons feature of Bliss, I purposefully framed the composition of the shot so that I could crop it to the vertical after taking it. I think came out quite nicely.
  19. Forest Update Treetops

    Forest Update Treetops

  20. Bree Foggy Night

    Bree Foggy Night

    Nothing all that interesting with this one. Just messed with the fog settings a bit. Shot with Bliss Shaders.