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7th Public Meeting!

As promised and by public demand, I organized the next public meeting. Now, this took a bit longer than anticipated as we had to have a couple of Valar Meetings and a Staff Meeting before.

The date is 12/10/2019! The time 8:00 pm CEST; 7:00 pm BST; 2:00 pm EDT and 11:00 am PDT!
You all know the drill: here is the Agenda where you can also add your own topics in the designated area. I'm still looking for a scribe, so if you are interested please let me know. For any additional questions please pm me here or on Discord. I hope as many of you as possible manage to show up. There are many important topics we would like to discuss. For the people that are not able to make it there will be, as always, a recording posted after the meeting.