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Accepted _thethreepizzas' Artist Application

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Is going on an adventure!
  • Date: August 2019ish
  • Jobs: *I should probably say that since I didn't know I would apply for artist, I didn't keep track of the job names. However, I will from now on.
    • Lond Daer Vegitation job-Rudo
    • Osgofields road job- Badger
    • Osgofield road job trial 1-Hypr
    • Osgofield road job trial 2-Hypr
    • Dol Amroth/Belfalas Roads 1-(I don't remember who led it. I think it was multiple people)
    • Belfalas Roads 2-(can't remember this one either tbh, possibly wyatt?)
    • Anduin Build Day-w0rld
    • Roads East of the Anduin-Hypr
    • w0rldtrees1-w0rld
    • worldtrees2-w0rld
  • Plotbuilds: *photos and coords to come.
    • Harlond Warehouse Interior-Rwyland
    • Harlond House Interior-Rwyland
    • Harlond Bakery-Rwyland/Mershy
    • Pelennor Barn-Rudo
    • Pelennor Blacksmith-Rudo
    • Pelennor Manor/Hamlet with Greenand Swe-Swe
    • Pelennor Apple Processing Shed-Rudo (I also help Rudo built the road in front of the house)
    • Lond Daer house1-matt
    • Lond Daer house2-matt
    • Lond Daer warehouse/structure1-Orruss
    • Lond Daer warehouse/structure2-Orruss
    • Lond Daer Stream Vegitation1-Wyatt
    • Lond Daer Stream Vegitation2-Wyatt
    • Osgofields Cottage and Yard-Badger
    • Southern Ithilien Terrain Smoothing-Wyatt (Joske built the cliffs and helped with the smoothing as well)
  • Themed-builds: Link to Photos is Here --I've built in many other themes, but they're only partially done and aren't great, if I remember
    • FFA Mansion- I kind of built two of this theme, one is just floating above the other. (296.941/4/62815.243)
    • FFA Greek- built greek ruins and started to modify the terrain (545.592/4/62979.115)
    • Rivendell- this is the first theme I built with the rp-h update (-737.402/31/59029.129)
    • FFA Castle-partially build small castle on a hill, now stored in fb ((-5083.616/-60/-7267.323)
  • Additional Builds: Link to Photos is Here
    • BuildBattles: Easter-fb (-7736.792/-60/3809.209)
    • BuildBattles: Western-fb (-7862.419/-60/3256.682)
    • BuildBattles: Pokemon-fb (-7293.193/-60/3364.516)
    • Buildbattles: Fairytale-fb (-7366.684/-60/3274.610)
    • Artist School: rp-h-I think this is the first thing I ever built with the rp-h update (-5107.561/-60/-7247.857)
    • Library WIP-fb (I include this just because it was the first thing I built in my current fb area, and the third thing I ever started in fb) (-5542.274/-60/-7322.467)
    • Pelennor House-fb (-5022.681/-60/7203/350)
    • Medieval facades-fb (-5049.076/-60/-7205.353)
    • Byzantine facades-fb (-4856.273/-60/-7233.351)
    • Cliff and Waterfall-fb (-5016.034/-55/7164.057)
    • Medieval house front1-fb (-4794.258/-60/-7387.983)
    • Medieval house front2-fb (-4779.094/-60/-7387.978)
    • Turf house facade1-fb (-4817.686/-60/-7386.028)
    • Turf house facade2-fb (-4843.852/-60/-7385.775)
    • Turf house facade3-fb (-4829.952/-60/-7412.953)
    • Turf house facade4-fb (-4835.637/-60/-7459.916)
    • Medieval Water mill WIP-fb (-4870.926/-60/-7192.726)
    • Medieval Tower Exterior-fb with the help of rwy (-4719.564/-60/7408.668)
    • Cliff and Castle WIP-fb (-4614.557/-60/-7286.603)
    • Medieval Castle WIP-fb (-4770.287/-60/-7470.612)
    • Gondolin Barn WIP-fb (7539.950/-44/-5456.632)
    • Gondolin House of the Wing-fb (I only built the exterior) (6740.550/58/-4898.938)
    • Updated Linhir Home Facade-fb (-4895.732/-60/-7234.592)
    • Gladden Fields Concept-fb (-4749.424/-60/-7386.526)
  • Your interests: I've really enjoyed building Gondorian styles as well as trying out various medieval stuff in freebuild. In general I'll built most anything in rp-h. Terrain is hit or miss sometimes.
  • Your motivation: Well, you could almost say my application is to "appease" rwy and wyatt, after months of them nudging me to apply. But really, I'd like to be able to help out and contribute to more projects and to become a better builder. I know I'm not as active as many others, but I'd still like to do what I can.
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Hey Pizza, your additional builds album looks great. Your Medieval Eastern European builds are especially good, I did notice that you don't have any interior shots for these builds. I think posting some interior concepts might help to demonstrate a broad skill set. Good luck with the app.


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Exactly what Andrew said. This is a wonderful app.
Three things I would like to see for this app is:
1) Finish those WIP projects you have
2) Get some interiors together
3) Maybe add some dwarven or elvish stuff on here

If you want to improve on stuff, you currently have, finish some of those facades, especially some of those larger facades. Allows you to work on perfecting on depth skills and helps you work on creating larger builds with the same level of detail as your facades.
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