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A new era for the guides

Good day everyone!

So in case you aren't aware, The wonderful Eriol has stepped down from the position of Head Guide, mainly to focus on developer things. Before I launch into anything, I'd just like to personally and on behalf of the guides,say thank you Eriol for generally being amazing. Thank you!

So. I have agreed to take his place as the 4th Head Guide since the rank was introduced back in 2017. And it's an honour! I might as well get started.
In my opinion, what better way to show off the guide rank than nice and early with the Anniversary Events coming up this weekend.
A lot of effort has already gone into these events, so I have a lot of confidence they will be some of the best yet. In case you've forgotten what's when then click here.

I'm also very keen to give the guides some shape. What I mean by that is some individuality. The team spirit amongst the guides is exceptionally strong, and I know that making the guide rank tailored towards the community as a whole as well as making sure the guides are comfortable and happy would benefit everyone on MCME, from Valar to Adventurer. To do this I would reinstate the old Guide Monthly Requirements system that Arken introduced last year, as well as give the guides more of a freedom to make what they love doing count.

I'm planning on giving all the guides an opportunity in a leadership position, to help improve and build up their leadership abilities. The position of Guide Leadership will be rotated between guides, to give them a feel of what it's like to be in an overseeing position. This worked very well before and I'm sure it will in the coming months!

It's also my pleasure to announce that @Soars will be my second in command, and will be assisting me and the guides in this new age. As the assistant rank is under review, he won't be promoted for the time being, however whatever the outcome, he will serve as my right hand man. Soarz since he was promoted to Guide has always strived to go above and beyond. As I'm sure you all know, his work with the Media Team and The Times has been immense, and he overall displays exemplary Guide qualities.
Here's a message from him now:

"This community is special, its members all love the same things and that is what brings us together. Getting to help develop this community is what I love to do the most. Raffy asked me to assist him in this reign of being Head Guide and we both have the same mind set and vision of how the guide rank should work. I’m looking forward to making the guide rank better than it has ever been and help the community to thrive and succeed like never before."
- Soarz

Please wish Soarz luck as he takes on this new role.

So that's about it from me. Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing each of you at some point. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them both publicly and privately, and I will happily answer them!
- Raffy