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Anduin Cave Contest


Moria Hall Professional
Hello, my fellow Spelunkers!

I am in need of some very creative minds to go toe to toe to build the best cave for Emyn Arnen! The contest is starting today 25-10-2023 and lasts until 19-11-2023. So you’ll have roughly 3,5 weeks to work on this. The cave isn’t too big, so it should be plenty of time. Working on something alone of course isn’t very fun, so you can work on this as teams (although, you don’t have to). Additionally, there will be jobs during the duration of the contest during which we will build together and have a good time. At the end of the contest, I will be choosing the best cave and past it into Emyn Arnen in our Main World! There may or may not be some slight tweaks to the winning cave after the contest, but this will be done in communication with the winners.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to build a cave that fits within the terrain, it should be explorable and interesting to go through. Ideally, the cave should be hard to find when you’re regularly exploring our terrain (thus from ground level) and therefore the entrances and exits of the cave should be covered up nicely. The main focus for this contest is the cave, so doing the vegetation around it is not necessary unless you believe you can come up with something that makes your cave fit better into the environment.

How can I expect this contest to be run?

This contest allows you plenty of creative freedom to try and make the best cave build possible. There are some slight stipulations you would need to follow to have a chance at winning the contest. This contest will primarily be done in plots. The plots will be up for the full time of the contest. During the duration of the contest, I will be hosting several jobs to gather as many people as possible to work on our caves together. This is so we can have a fun time together and maybe share some ideas and thoughts with the other groups but that’s up to you! At the end of the contest, I (maybe with some others) will judge the caves and pick the winning cave. This winning cave will be pasted into Main, may it be with some minor adjustments based on resource pack updates.

How and Where should I start?

First of all, you start by deciding whether you want to do this solo or with a group. If you choose the latter, you look for a group you can work with. After this, you or someone from your group signs up by replying to this forum post with the name of your group and the names of your group members. Unfortunately, due to plug-in limitations, the maximum amount of members in a group is 8. Though, I do highly doubt you will need 8 people to complete the cave.

After you’ve signed up (solo or as a group), I will get your plot ready in Plotworld. It may be that I would need you to be online alongside me to assign the plot to you. But you’ll be notified if this is the case. You can build here every day if you want to.

If you were to switch worlds and do not know how to get back here. Once you switch from any other world back to plotworld, it shows you a light blue message in chat. Whenever you click on this message, it gives you a teleport link in the chat towards your plot.

What is expected of the build to look like?

The entrance:

The Entrance of the cave should be a cramped space that is overgrown so it fits in with the terrain. I am expecting an elongated horizontal entrance, however, other ideas are welcome to try out. Ideally, there should be vegetation to cover up the entrance a bit more, however, this is not required to be added but might give you extra points if it works nicely. The entrance itself is the white wool pillar away from the waterside on the other side of the hill.

Inspirational images for the cave:

The inside of the cave:

I’m expecting the inside of the cave to have one or more chambers that are connected through natural-looking tunnels to an exit at the other side of the hill. This place is not a mine, and thus I am expecting more natural-looking formations. I am expecting an underground mini lake or aquifer, though not necessary, and whenever this would overflow, it would slowly flow some of the water through to the exit.

Possibly there could be sinkholes from the top that crumbled down into the chambers below and are allowing sunlight to shine into the chambers of the cave. With this crumbling there could be soil, and thus some vegetation, down into the chambers. Possibly there could be more moss and even some grass or small plants down into the chambers.

Furthermore, I expect the cave to be interesting to explore and to have plenty of areas that create a great atmosphere, that would be carved out due to erosion over a long period of time; this would basically be the way water goes through the soft rock and exposes the hard rock behind it/underneath it. This might also explain the formation of Stalactites and Stalagmites.

There is also an option for a small animal or slightly bigger to have called the cave their own, you could add this, however, it is completely optional.

Inspirational images for the cave:

The Exit of the Cave:

I expect the exit of the cave to have a little water stream coming out or some puddles. Nothing much, it wouldn’t be an active stream going out from the hill. Even this exit would be quite overgrown too. I would expect some of the grass to be gone as well near the exit of the cave. Maybe some increased vegetation due to a higher degree of water supply in that specific area. I am also expecting this exit to have much less space compared to the entrance, as in you could get out of it but it’s hard to get back in. The possible locations for the exits are indicated by the two white wool towers on the water side of the plot.

Inspirational images for cave:

Special addition:
In the future, we will be getting vertical stone slabs! So for the time, you can work with temporary blocks that simulate vertical stone slabs too.
These slabs will be released with the forest update. So be prepared!
stone slabs.png

I hope this is enough information to get everyone started. If there are any questions, you are free to contact me. Happy building, and may the best Spelunkers win.
Hi, new around here but i'd like to give it a try!

Riding solo, so Team Forbi.
hi SirForbi,
To give you your plot, I need you to be online at the same time as me.
When can you be online next? I'm on timezone UTC+1