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Accepted Artale's Minigames Badge Application

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Worthy of Mordor
  • When did you join?
29th june 2014
  • What is your current rank?
  • Do you regularly use our voice communication?
Haven't at all in the last 4 or 5 years...but I surely can, if needed
  • Why would you like this badge?
Sometimes when new players join the server, they can't find their way in the community, therefore minigames could offer them a bigger opportunity to interact with other members of the server, resulting easier for them to feel MCMEers. Furthermore an extra hand to support guides to fulfill their tasks could always help in my opinion
  • If you were to get the badge, how often would you use it?
Everytime I find some free time, to join the server, I'd be available to run minigames, in order to help making the server a better environment for new players
  • How would you make the minigames fun and enjoyable?
As a proud italian, I'll give my recipe for a tasty minigame: Being friendly and available is the first ingredient to create an enjoyable event, in addiction it's necessary a generous pinch of patience, especially with trolls, and eventually being able to joke with people is the key to a perfect balance between the ingredients, that will make your minigame better than a grandmother's lasagna!
Hello @Artale

Thank you for your minigames badge application. You have got the minigames badge!

I have given you the badge in-game and I have added you to a channel on discord with some useful information to do with the badge.
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