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Accepted Aylalya's Artist Application


  • Date:
    5 august 2021
  • Jobs:
    • HHGradiant - HyperNinja - 12-09-2021
    • edhellondriver - w0rldunder - 12-10-2021
    • w0rldtrees4 - w0rldunder - 13-10-2021
    • w0rldtrees6 - w0rldunder - 15-10-2021
    • w0rldtrees7 - w0rldunder - 18-10-2021
    • themeterrain1 - w0rldunder - 14-10-2021
    • osgo-fields-roads-11 - HyperNinja -17-10-2021
    • OsgoFieldsroad2 - HyperNinja - 24-10-2021
    • Rudo-farm-walls1 - Rudolphius - 27-10-2021
    • Rudo'sVeggies - Rudolphius - 16-11-2021
    • pellenorplanning - TheSweViking (private job) - 04-11-2021
    • pellenorroads - HyperNinja - 11-11-2021
    • pelennorroads2 - HyperNinja - 17-11-2021
    • w0rldtrees9 - w0rldunder - 19-12-2021
    • w0rldtrees10- w0rldunder - 20-12-2021
    • w0rldtrees11 - w0rldunder - 24-12-2021
    • The_Great_Wall_of_Rudo - Rudolphius - 03-01-2022
    • added: Anduinroad2 - w0rldunder - 18-01-2022
    • added: AnduinVegetation - w0rldunder - 26-01-2022
  • Plotbuilds:
  • Themed-builds:
  • Additional Builds:
  • Your interests:
    • So far I really enjoyed building everything I did, especially the terraining -cliff, gardens, trees-, and the pelennor houses. I love doing interiors too. I still have a lot to learn about the different building styles (like dwarven). But like most of you guys say, it's a process of learning. So who knows where my interests will lie in the future.
  • Your motivation:
    • Before joining this server I never really tried to build something pretty in minecraft but by joining this community and seeing all the amazing builds and the beautiful world of LOTR. it inspired me to be more creative with building and looking at the details and real life references to bring a place to life even without players. By becoming an artist I hope I can contribute more to the server and improve my building skills at the same time.
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Staff member
Hey Aylalya,

Thank your for applying! You've got a great start to your app here and your builds look promising.

I like the Upper Mines style house - maybe revisit the ceilings a bit?

Want to take rp d a step further a try a small hall? You could start with pillar designs if that seems daunting. Planning is key when it comes to bulding a hall - so take your time with it :D Have a look at Lower and Upper Westgate for our current building style and block usage.

Looking forward to seeing more,


a couple off weeks have past already, and what have i done you may ask?
besides going on a short vacation break i did the following;


Harlond warehouse
A warehouse in harlond, ext & interior
added: harlond administration house pictures
londdaer tiny plot + canal edit
In Lond daer I did a tiny connection plot betweent two already finished canals and finished an forgotten plot (I did the vegitation on the river bank and editted a bit of veg. in the water)
added: pelennor with SpassTV
Together with spass I finished an interior at pelennor field (i did the upstairs and helped with some detailing at ground floor)
added: pelennor kitchen
kitchen and servant eating space interior & a bit of the exterior


for rp D i do need a bit more time :) i looked at my existing ceiling in my upper mine house and adjusted it a bit.
The small dwarven hall is on my to do list but i do need some more research for this before i actually start it :)
I did however started on some pillar designs which i will add here. but it's not much yet (it's easy to find near my upper mine house)


The past couple of weeks I mostly worked together with people on plots.
but I also enjoyed building my own themebuild.
Wishing you all a Happy New year already and enjoy your holidays.

jobs added:

added: w0rldtrees9 - w0rldunder - 19-12-2021
added: w0rldtrees10- w0rldunder - 20-12-2021
added: w0rldtrees11 - w0rldunder - 24-12-2021

plots added:

added: pelennor-deco-lumberhouse
I worked together with Wyatt on this. We decorated around the house, I added the shed and some crops and decorations
added: pelennor-deco-courtyard
Together with Rudo we made this courtyard a bit prettier. I added the chickencoup and some decoration next and in front of the barn
added: harlond-fishmarket
This one I did together wit HyprNinja. I made 2 marketstalls
added: anduin-river/cliff
Me and some others helped Wyatt out with some rivers, I helped with the 2 siderivers on the anduin, did some blockmixing, made some boulders and helped with the tiny cliffs.
added: warehouse-updated+back
Some changes needed to be made on my warehouse, so i did :) (thank you orruss for the feedback)
I needed to change the hight/interior and the little ropemaker below. i also decorated the back

theme added

added: Gingerbreadtheme
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Time flies when your having fun :) here is my next update.


added: The_Great_Wall_of_Rudo - Rudolphius - 03-01-2022


added: Harlond houses
I made for 2 houses the exterior and interior and then the exterior for the diagonal houses right next to it, that Green decorated.
added: Harlond brothel
For the brothel I mostly did the interior. the exterior was mainly done by Rwyland and later alterd by Orruss and me.
(Thank you for all the people who suggested a name)
added: pelennor lumberhouses int x2
2 more interiors done for some lumberjacks
added: pelennor house and barn
I made the exterior and interior of the house, for the barn/cart repair, the exterior was already an existing design which Swe and I changed a tiny bit, so I mainly did the interior for that.

For the next few weeks I'm gonna try and focus a bit more on my freebuild building. Although I love doing main world plots, I think I have enough pelennor and harlond plots to show so far. (I'm still open to build some more tho :D). I'm gonna try and focus a bit more on different styles and try the dwarven hall which i find quite difficult to start with. (so advices are greatly appreciated)


Yay, another week has past and I don't have a lot to show, but I'm quite happy with how my freebuild house turned out.
So here it is, my next update.


added: pelennor shed
Just a small shed and some decoration outside.
added: harlond apothecary
A shop/house I made together with Colo, Jubo and Cherry i did the upperfloor in the apothecary.
added: anduin riverbank bushes
Some small bushes at the anduin


added: tudor style house
I wanted to try something different :)


The past weeks I have delved myself a bit deeper in rp D.
I worked on the theme build, Tomb of Durin and I am working on a small hall/stables.
To switch it up, I have done some other small things above ground.


added: Anduinroad2 - w0rldunder - 18-01-2022
added: AnduinVegetation - w0rldunder - 26-01-2022


added: harlond-interior
A residential interior, with a small jam shop at groundfloor.
added: osgofields-barn-interior (7954, 196, 3144)
Stable interior in Badgers osgofieldproject.


added: tomb of durin- 8-1-21


added: moria hall
I made a small hall and stables,it is not finished but I wanted to show the things I have so far.
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