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Accepted Aylalya's For(wo)man Application

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BBQ Pizza Lover
Staff member
Minecraft Username : Aylalya
Date Joined : 5 August 2021
Country: Belgium

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?

Do you have any particular skills?
I would consider myself a decent builder in most styles. I’m patient and can easy accept grounded criticism. I try to make my preparations for the few jobs I have helped with as easy and clear as possible, so people with different building skills can easily understand them.
Some years as leader in a youth movement (chiro) where you have to create a weekly activity and a 2-week camp for younger and older children has helped me to communicate in a clearer way and be more creative, organized and punctual.

Why are you applying for this rank?
After the build day that I helped prepare and lead for the most part I feel like I would really enjoy doing more jobs like this. I liked helping and teaching newer (and older) players how to build on our server. A big part that I really like about jobs is the interaction with the new players, teaching them how the server works and helping them to be more interactive with the community. It is also a good way to explain and give feedback quickly to multiple people.
I also enjoy making step by step tutorials for the buildings that I make (like my fisher men huts in fb) so other people have an easy way of understanding the style I want to go for and can easily try to recreate it (even when no jobs are being run)

Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:
click here
hype train GIF
First off all, thank you all for your kind reply's! :)

I have run 2 jobs so far, It was 2 times a derp fixing job in osgiliath
Sadly i forgot to take screenshots with everyone, so i will just add the job alerts.

the first job took around 1h
job 1.jpg

the second one took around 2h, but osgo should be derp free now!
job 2.jpg

Thank you all for who joined and helped me hosting the job.
I run a more creative job today.
We build stilted houses for my concept and I teached some how to use the flint and stick.
It was a very relaxed job that took around 2h and I gave some a plot to finish it on there own pace.


Thanks for joining,
and thank you for hosting it and some feedback W0rld!
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