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Canceled ChopMyDog application for Guide

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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username: ChopMyDog
Rank - Commoner
Date Joined: Early 2019
I am from the USA and I play from 15 - 18 EST
I am regularly in the voice communication
I do not regularly talk on voice communication but I can and I will
I think I could make a great guide because I am relatively new to MCME I can explain to new players most things very easy because they are still fresh in my head. In the real world
I am very good around people with questions and am able to explain the answer with relative ease. I used to be a boy scout and I received a patch called the recruiter badge, this was
for recruiting new members into the troop, if it was given out multiple times I would have 6 of these. This makes for a good guide because I can answer questions, make sure people
are encouraged to build and most importantly have fun!


Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Media Team
Application closed and thread locked due to inactivity.
If you would like to reopen this application, please let me know
Not open for further replies.