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Canceled ConfusedLlama_'s Guide Application #2 Electric Boogaloo

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Another Moria Worker
Minecraft Username : ConfusedLlama_

Date Joined : 07 April 2020

What country are you from / What time do you usually play online: I am originally from South Africa but I will be playing during BST times.

Are you regularly on our voice communication? As I am now more active yes, and I plan to be far more regularly

Do you talk on our voice communication? Yes (some say too much :p )

What makes a great Guide according to you? Guides are the face of the MCME community, as a guide you need to be able to give a warm welcome to new players and make them feel comfortable on the server. As guides need to answer questions regularly they need to have basic lore knowledge (at least). Guides need to be able to run very interesting tours and keep people excited as well as show off all the awesome builds MCME has to offer. Guides should take up multiple positions, such as typical guide duties (running tours, PVP, minigames, and events), but also other things, I am a member of the music team and have previously been involved in making textures, PVP maps, organizing and hosting events, wrote scripts for the video team, helped make some terrain with voxel sniper, ran jobs, helped with some animations, made captions for the media team and was regularly involved with the MCME team. I love the MCME community, previously I resigned from my guide position due to not having enough time to dedicate to the server, I now find myself with far more time and am very happy to say I will be far more active on MCME.
My boi llama returns. The perfect exmple of an all-round talented guide and involved Team member. I would describe you as a Jack-of-all-Trades my friend, can't wait to have you back.
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Hey Llama, thanks for your application!

It's good to see you back and doing tours again. The Guides have discussed your application and I have sent you a message on Discord summarising it.
This application has been cancelled due to inactivity. Please let me know if you would like to open the application again.
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