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Canceled ConfusedLlama's Foreman Application (eeek)

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Another Moria Worker
Minecraft Username: ConfusedLlama_
Date Joined: April 7th, 2020
Country: South Africa/Britain

Are you regularly logged on to our voice communication?

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?

Do you have any particular skills?
I have quite good communication skills and believe I am able to explain myself in a calm and understanding manner to people who might not be very sufficient in speaking English. I believe I am able to think clearly and maintain a calm and level head during stressful situations and therefore explain myself in a more understandable way. I also believe I am able to take on a more leadership style role if when necessary. I work quite well under pressure and I am able to take criticism and use it to my advantage when trying to improve my work.

Why are you applying for this rank?
A couple of months after I received commoner I started a Freebuild project known as the Vault, this is where I found my love for leading projects and teaching people new things. Ever since I began this project I realized that I would one day want to apply for the Foreman rank. I have always aspired to be part of the build team on this project (don't get me wrong, Guide is my favorite rank and will always be that way :p ) and help contribute something. The next reason, I know its cliche, but I want to help run more jobs on MCME as there are currently not that many jobs being run anymore and I understand that jobs play a large role in getting people to stay and growing the community, therefore I would like to help run a lot more jobs. I also really enjoy making terrain and would love to help the build team make even more terrain.

Terrain with Darki (couldn't find any images) x2
Removing OSGO veg with Fish (this was early 2020, couldn't find pictures) x2
Adding moss to Dome of Stars with Birdo (private job, couldn't find any images)
Multiple OSGO wall jobs with Maski, Rogue, and Birdo
Fields with Bart (don't remember where this was)
Great Cavern with Bart
Osgo Wall jobs with Bart
Multiple Shrub jobs with Mith
Derp fixing old trees (miths trial job)
Shrubs with Bart
Moria Ruining with Bart
Andrast River with Mith
Xmine River Job
Almost every Stalagmite and Stalagtite job with Bart
Osgo Build day

Plot Builds:
Moria House Mershy Mine
Road Detailing Mershy Mine
Moria House plot Mershy Mine
Moria Mining Areas Mershy Mine

Jobs Run by Me:
Ruining Moria Hall Job near the 5th Hall

Additional Builds:
Small Vanilla House
Tudor Style House
Small Japanese style house (not complete yet)

Large Builds:
Summoner's Rift PvP map (This was a large group project and I cannot take all the credit so rather look to this to give you an idea of my leadership skills)
Glacier PvP map (also a group project that I lead): Glacier PvP map


Disclaimer: I have chosen to post this here now as it was getting quite difficult to find things etc, I will continue working on my builds and treat this almost as an artist app as well as a formal app (posting constant build updates, hopefully, I will get some feedback and be able to improve my builds a lot :D )
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Did a job on the new Moria West Gate lasted an hour.


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    Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 17.25.41.png
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