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David's Screenshots


Experienced Member
Here is a more formal collection of my screenshots. Was going to post as an album, but 4k-12k screenshots file sizes are pretty big at times. *Descriptions directly from my Imgur.

With that being said. Here is volume 1!

1. One of the servers crowning builds, Minas Tirith, illuminated by the sun. (4k)

2. Bagend, the servers spawn and the first location many of Tolkien fans are introduced too. Our Bagend has changed over the years, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. (4k)

3. My favorite afk destination on the server, Amon Hen. Resting above the Falls of Rauros it houses the seat of seeing. (4k)

4. A gorgeous view of the non-canonical town of Ironmere. (4k)

5. A absurdly large resolution screenshot of the Golden Hall in Edoras at night. (12k)

6. The island of Tolfalas, located near the Mouth of the Anduin. (4k)

7. A shot from Ogsiliath's east bank looking over the Dome of the Stars. (4k)

8. A shot of Weathertop approaching sunset. (4k)