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Cancelled Didi45's Artist Application (Reapplication)


Joined: Jul 28, 2017
Became Artist: Sep 14, 2017

- Moria - 2 Halls remain unchanged
- Dol Amroth - Port Town, Gate Town, Castle, Middle Town, Royal Town, Gem Town, Ships, Section outside of the walls
- Anorien - Section with 3 beacons - Terraforming, building, planning, leading jobs
- Belfelas - Vegetation and road building with stream planning

Theme Builds:
Check my old Artist application Accepted - didi45's artist application
It has all my Theme Builds.

Additional Builds:
Check my old Artist application aswell.

I prefer Gondor out of all of the styles I have built on the server - Mainly Dol Amroth
However, I look forward to the Mordor style.

Your motivation:
Quite simple, I have been an artist for quite some time, it has been quite a ride and I enjoyed it.
Building on the server means alot to me - the server means alot to me.
The freedom to build means alot to me - the trust means the world to me.
As an artist I can work with my World Edit and Voxel skills which are useful when building.
I look forward to build more and it is in awe that I was demoted, however, I want to become an Artist again.
Especially with Mordor over the horizon :)
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Working on some nice ol' Gondorian (Dol Amroth - Royal Town) style houses..