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Cancelled DinomasterX's artist application


Expert Stream Digger
Date: summer 2019 (August or July)
Jobs: ToombSmootingMoria- TeamPalladian
NicToomb- NicovicTheSixth
RoadFixing2- TeamPalladian
CurveWorkshop- TeamPalladian
Roadzzz- TeamPalladian
Glaciers (not sure what one)- Smaug
MoriaWillem2- Will_em
Vatur- NicovicTheSixth
MoriaBuildday- ooitsbirdo
Wall-e- FoolHardyFish
THEMED: Lothlorien house 2020-03-21_18.27.35.png2020-03-21_18.27.51.png2020-03-21_18.28.09.png2020-03-21_18.28.19.png
I am really interested in all kinds of building styles here in MCME but I like dwarven and gondorian styles best. All kind of building types and styles are awsome.
I want to be an artist mainly because I want to help this server grow (and flex on my friends ^^) because you can rarely see this type of commitment and also the community is one the most positive ones I've ever visited and had an opportunity to be a part of. Overall I would like to become an artist mainly to see and help this amaizing project grow.


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