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Discord Banner Screenshot Competition


- Discord Banner Screenshot Competition -

Hello people. It's finally time for another screenshot competition. The discord banner is outdated and we're in need of a new one. You guys are going to have to give it your very best.

How to participate and rules

- Hop onto the server, you can only screenshot main world and moria so do either /world or /moria

- You can't use old screenshots

- Post your screenshots under this post

- Maximum 5 screenshots

- Your screenshots will be judged by me, @Firefly956

- Deadline is 14:00 UTC on the 20th of October

Tips to keep in mind while screenshotting

- It's recommended that the screenshot is taken at a recognizable location

- Use some nice shaders (I can send some on discord if you need)

- Make sure your FOV is low, high FOV shots can look good but can be very tricky

- Edit your shots! Change the colors, crop it, etc.

- Make sure to press F1 to hide your inventory before shooting (F2)

Good luck, may the best shot win!
I bet you're all very exited for the winners so here they are!

3rd place goes to Ginger. This is a very iconic angle. However i think it is time for a change.

Ginger 1.png

2nd place goes to Tizio. Very nice composition and good lighting.

TizioLeo 2.png

1st place goes to Beetle with this amazing shot. It is very epic and is gonna look very nice as our discord banner.

Beetle 3.png

It has been very fun seeing all the submissions.
Hopefully we'll see another screenshot competition soon.
Thank you all very much for participating!