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Canceled Earritino111 Artist Application

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Date: 6 June 2018
Jobs and plotbuilds: Farms in Belafalas with Bart (hedges, walls, fields), a couple of houses in DA with Bart (middle class and lower class), Swamp Tolfalas with Henrygerd, Vegetation Tolfalas (shores, forest, plains) with thomas, Wroxxite and henry (if i’m not mistaken), DA sewers with Pants_of_Sindar, Moria hall ruining with Pants, Moria waterworks crystals with Nicthefifth, Belfalas streams with nicthfifth, Moria farms with Bart (roads, fields, walls) and a bunch more. (screenshots)

Themedbuilds: (screenshots)
  • Helcaraxë: -522, 4, 31781
  • Troll’s cave: -95, 4, 32065
  • Ilmarin: -2, 4, 32309
  • (edit) Forest: 1878, 4, 31443
Additional Builds: edit: screenshots: other builds on the server

Interests: Especially interested in vegetation, terrain, trees, and infrastructure (roads, aquaducts, bridges etc.). Will need a bit more practice with buildings but in general enjoy the medieval style.

My motivation: Having been on this server for over a month I have been able to observe the community and build styles employed in MCME. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on jobs and am looking to increase my participation in the overall project that is MCME. I also hope that through this application I can increase my overall knowledge of building in MC.
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Hello earritino, nice application i see you have followed the format which is always a good thing. Though you have missed that youre supposed to write down the coordinates for your themebuilds, so they are easier to find, but ill do it for you:
261, 4, 31611
Helcaraxë: -522, 4, 31781
Troll's cave: -95, 4, 32065
Ilmarin: -2, 4, 32309

Then I have some tips for your theme builds:

Elostirion: I couldnt find that many things which had to be fixed but the supports for the roof could be a bit larger for such a big roof. I really appreciate that you appart from many others did both terrain and interior.
Helcaraxë: You have done some kind of spikes (guessing it is ice-spikes) but they are too big to be realistic, spikes of that size would break, try making them smaller.
Troll's cave: I love that you decorated the outside but I think the rooms in the cave could be a bit less similar, its almost the same concept in all of them, mabye you could just change it up a bit (this is not that necessary though, i just think it would improve it a little bit bit)
Ilmarin: The entrance is quite small for such a big building and mabye you could decorate the main hall a bit more by mabye (for example) hanging big banners from the ceiling.
Appart frome those things your builds are looking promising ;)

Good luck!



One Of Us, One of Us
Glad to see, so many jobs done already and also that some artists are taking the initiative to respond and give constructive criticism. I would think the best way to proceed is to get some experienced builder to go with you for each build and give ideas for improvement.

You are obviously hard working and you said your passion is more on terra. Assuming you have commoner, I would now not start any new themebuilds and actually go to the freebuild to make some nice terra concepts and then also improve in the themebuilds you have displayed.

For the tower, I see the concept image you used, however if you look it is a lot slender, taller and looks a lot more elvish. For the manor or big building on the cliff, the main roof is very awkward and imo, should be a lot more dome like. The main room/hall of that build because you are building in rp 2 can have a lot more detail as well.


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I have updated/completed some of the themebuilds and added some other concepts and builds I have been working on. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on what I have changed/ what i have added. Note: i've made no changes to Troll cave, and Elostirion (the latter mainly because it'd be too much work without WE).
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Already gave you feedback ingame but I'll write it here too.

Ilmarin - I saw that is not finished yet but a tip I would give is to make interiors a bit more detailed (check dol amroth) for some inspiration. and the dome needs a bit more work for a nicer shape.
Helcaraxë - Maybe some improvements on the terrain, like making long straight lines a bit more curved and adding a bit more ice.
Troll's cave and Forest - A bit more work on the trees. Needs a bit bigger treetop and use full logs on trunks. Also maybe add a fallen tree. Would be a nice detail.

But yeah, looks pretty good.
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Removed elostirion as i had no intention of changing it. Added more additional builds and job builds which I have been doing on the server. updated ilmarin, working on interior. Have not been able to do much more because of summer break and being gone for a month :p
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