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~Easter Events 2022~


Worthy of Mordor
--Easter Events 2022--


Hello MCME, it's that time of the year again, Easter!
This of course means, MCME has to bring you their yearly Easter Events, this time they're organised by the guides!
You will find old classics and new events appear this year, so here you have a list of them:

~Buildbattle Special~
Hosted by: @Supercat_14, @junoknight, @Orruss
April 10th - 6pm UTC

This year, buildbattles will have a special easter theme again, so start practicing building your best eggs, bunnies and much more! You’ll have a bigger plot and even more time to show your creativity in building, so make sure to be there!

~Easter Egg Hunt~
Hosted by: @Melkor_Belegurth
Starts April 11th

Sharpen your server and Middle-earth lore because the Easter Egg Hunt is coming back!
You'll be searching for Easter eggs all around the map starting from April 10th with the help of clues made by your all time favorite dark lord melkor

Hosted by: @HyprNinja
Starts April 12th

Join in for a brand new cooking competition! Gather together your eggs, dyes, chocolate bunnies, and whatever else to start prepping your Easter dish. We all enjoy food, and drooling over delicious pictures of everyone's incredible cooking skills seems like a great way to spend Easter. Make sure to participate so everyone's mouths go dry!

Hosted by: @Melkor_Belegurth
April 13th - 4pm UTC

Tired of chasing Badgers? How about Rabbits?
In this special Easter Event you'll be trying to chase and kill all the rabbit-like team members, who will be running around across the map.. good luck chasing those rabbits!

~Bunny Parkour Race~
Hosted by: @Supercat_14
April 15th - 4:30pm UTC

I may not be Mapthor. But hopefully, you can join in this iteration of parkour. This year’s theme is Spring/Easter. I’ll be glad if you can hop on over any obstacles to play in this race.

~Easter Skin Competition~
Hosted by: @GotenB
April 19th - 7pm UTC

Ever wanted to be a bunny? You can now! In this easter themed skin competition, you can show how creative and original you are in making your own easter themed skin, there will only be one winner, will it be you?

~Anduin Build Day~
Hosted by: @maski98
April 20th - 10am UTC

Join us on our epic journey down the mighty Anduin! Cliff building, terrain smoothing vegetation creation and much more to be had in this 12 hour (ish) build day. Seriously, we need your help to finish this river!

That concludes all the Easter Events for this year, more information about them will follow. Thanks for reading and hopefully we will see you there!
I also want to thank @ItsJustPeyton for the social media part and @NelmanBlack / @Pausi for making an amazing logo and posters for the events!
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Took my nephew Easter Egg hunting with the church group last year. It was a very disappointing event. He only got one egg, they kicked us out almost immediately after he shot it.