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~Easter Events 2023~


Events Manager

~Easter Events 2023~


Ladies and gentlemen, we're so back.


Easter is nearly here and that means it's time for some quality egg related content on our Minecraft server :D

Below are all the events taking place this year, make sure to take a peak to attend!​

-Easter Egg Hunt-
Hosted by: @Tidc
April 9th - April 20th

You like eggs? Well so do I, which is why I've hidden them across the server. Since I'm both fair and kind, I'll give you all the opportunity to find them before me. Each egg will have a clue to find the next one. The event starts on the 9th of April and will run for the entirety of the Easter Events. Happy hunting!

-Blender Render Competition-
Hosted by: @Stoog_Gaming
April 10th - April 20th

Welcome to the first Easter 3D Art Competition Now I am sure you are asking, “Stoog what is the 3D Art Competition?” well I am here to tell you. You have 2 Weeks to create a 3D render or Blockbench model following our Festive theme: Easter or Middle Earth/MCME Your submission can be anything you like and I am sure Toti would appreciate some new models if you are interested. 1) Must follow all MCME rules that logically apply 2) Can use different forms of 3D media (Blender Render, RP Model, Etc)

-Easter PVP Special-
Hosted by: @Greetly
April 10th - 7pm UTC

Who doesn't love PVP? I will be running some of the Egg Hunt modes and some normal modes as well, I am sure it will be lots of fun! Join me on at 7PM BST (UTC+1) on the 10th of April (chocolate not included)

~Touring Tuesday~
Hosted by: @TheStephen
April 11th - 7pm UTC

He may not be Guide buy that won't stop me from having him run an event :p
It's a brand new Touring Tuesday with our beloved friend Stephen which will be covering hopefully an Easter part of the map, that's up to him :p

-Mini Middle-Earth 2020: The Salty Runback-
Hosted by: @mapthor
April 12th - 7:30pm UTC

It's been far too long since we've seen a Mini Middle-Earth glaze our eyes, but now it's time to run back one of MCME's most beloved course for our amusment.
This course is not for the faint of heart. It will be hard, you will struggle, but it will be worth it.

-Build Battles-
Hosted by: @Greetly
April 16th - 7pm UTC

It is that time of the month again for build battles, but this time with an Easter Twist! Join me and my fellow Judges Givet and Mars at 7PM BST (UTC+1) on the 10th April to partake! We have 9 spots available, so DM me on discord, @ Greetly#0166 to secure your spot, hope to see you there!

-MCME Film Club: Now Showing RRR-
Hosted by: @mapthor
April 17th - 7:30pm UTC

We love movies here, we al know that, but it's time we take a closer look at these films. To kick off MCME Film Club, we will be watching the Oscar Winning film RRR and taking a deep dive into it's creative decisions, camera angels, editing, and everything else production wise to get a better view at what makes the film special! Film Club will be an ongoing event over the rest of the year so make sure to keep an eye out for future showings :D

-Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament-
Hosted by: @Supercat_14
April 20th - 5:30pm UTC

It’s about time to introduce something that is fresh and new to the lineup. We will have a mixture of game rules including all out battles and versus style matches. So join us on the 20th of April because any level of Smash player is allowed and I will try to set up my capture card to stream to anyone who wishes to view. Note: this will require at least the base game plus an online membership. The DLCs are not required.

-Freebuild Remembrance Tour-
Hosted by: @mapthor
April 29th - 7pm UTC

(Yes, this is still happening)
Since we're losing our wonderful and glorious Freebuild, I think it's time to take one last look at nearly a decades worth of building, history, memes and more. Join me as we take a stroll though Guide HQ, Mod HQ, The MCME Museum, and so much more. In the words of a Carol Burnett:

I'm so glad we had this time together
Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.
Seems we just got started
and before you know it
Comes the time we have
to say, 'So long.'

Big kudos to everyone who is helping on the events this year and we hope to see you all over the next month!​

Happy Sailing :D

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So everyone it's Easter which means it's time for the egg hunt to begin. I've hidden eggs all around the server, each one will lead you to the next one. Every egg has a random number, keep track of those numbers.

The riddle to get all of you started:

Born together from same womb.
Now under earth, we share our tomb.

The hunt will run from now until the 20th of April.
On your marks, get set and
Go fetch.


Team members play fair and don't use gm 3.
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