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~Easter Events 2024~


Staff member

~ Easter Events 2024 ~



Get ready to enjoy all of our
Eggciting & Eggcellent Easter Eggvents

Easter is here and it is time to enjoy it with your favourite people on Earth, the MCME peeps!
Listed below are all of the events, some old and some new.


-Lore Hour-
Hosted by: @WieldableMars0
1st of April
17:00 UTC

Marking the start of the Easter Events 2024, Lore Hour is making its return! Join us in the Hall of Fire at Rivendell,
so we can discuss the mysterious Rangers of the Dunedain.


-Easter Egg Hunt-
Hosted by: @WieldableMars0 & @Greetly
1st of April - 14th of April

Do you have what it takes to complete the MCME Easter Egg Hunt? To start solving the clues,
head to the Minas Tirith Citadel and open the chest next to the White Tree. When you have finished,
message either Mars or Greetly with proof of completion to get the Golden Egg!


-Movie Time-
Hosted by: @Chipped_Cherry
3rd of April
18:00 UTC

The time has once again come for a movie night/day/morning/whatevertimeitisforyou,
and this time we will be jumping into the story of a team of immortal guardians rising up to fight for the innocence of children
around the world! Go grab your popcorn, put your face masks on and get ready for a cozy time.


-Bunny Hop Race-
Hosted by: @LordReavanPlays
4th of April
19:00 UTC

Bounce on over to this thrilling take on racing: the Bunny Hop Race! We'll be visiting some of everyone's
favourite racing locations, but with some jump boost provided to us by Smaug, who will lovingly
chuck glass bottles of the (most likely) non-lethal potion at our heads!
Fun right? See ya there!


-Freestyle Race-
Hosted by: @Stoog_Gaming
5th of April
19:00 UTC

Join Stoog for a long distance race, completely unguided across all of Middle-earth,
starting in Bag End we will race our way through the first, four part freestyle race, taking us through
all of the different styles of our server. Prepare for this to be a long one!


-Build Battles-
Hosted by: @Greetly
7th of April
19:00 UTC

Join me again for another round of Build Battles where I will be bringing back the Easter Theme!
Time to put your best (rabbit) foot forward and hop in the arena!


-Board Game Club-
Hosted by: @Stoog_Gaming
13th of April
19:00 UTC

Welcome back to yet another Board Games Club, this time I will be bringing back
the old favourite Werewolf, for the first time since last year.
Join us for a fun filled hour or two of pure social deduction fun!

Thanks to everyone hosting and joining events, and an extra
thanks to the Media Team for these beautiful posters!
Hi everyone! The 2024 egg hunt is going well so far, so I thought I would make this post to help people on some of the trickier server lore questions, to make it fairer for everyone.

Clue 3 Hint - (March 2014), profile observation needed?

Clue 13 Hint - Look at my past ring hunt to find the solution.
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