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Canceled Ethan_bro's guide application

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Dirt Conaisseur
Minecraft Username : Ethan_bro
Date Joined :
01 March 2022
What country are from / What time do you usually play online: United States of America / 9am - 4am EST (very wide range i have a crazy schedule)
Are you regularly on our voice communication?
Do you talk on our voice communication? Yes

Why would you like to be a Guide? Well looking through the Guide responsibilities I feel like I already do almost all of those things, I just personally enjoy helping people and answering questions and just helping other people makes me feel happy and I feel like that is what suites this role.
What makes a great Guide according to you? A great Guide is someone who is like the doorman to a building. They should be welcoming, kind , answer questions without hesitation, and be a person who enjoys what they do. Also for MCME they should run events to keep players active and interested. Be outgoing and not ignore people. Guides should be the ones running conversation.
What are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the Guide role? My strengths for this role is it suits me personally. I love to help guide and lead. I enjoy helping others and want to bring more players into this amazing community that I have found. Because to be honest I never have had a community like this, and now that I found one I want other people to feel the love and friendship this server holds. Weakness's would probably be my lore knowledge. I love the LOTR universe but I am not one to remember facts and lore.
What experience have you had on MCME? Attendance wise I have attended builds days, multiple tours , reading hours , skin contests , meetings etc. The more I got involved the more I tried to be helping and friendly to the community. I applied for the minigame badge and got accepted and I would and still do purposefully try to get on at late times of night for when there are few players on and try to make friends with them from hosting minigames, exploring with them, talking to them about the server, and trying to make friends and welcome them to this great community.
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Hello @Ethan_bro

Thank you for applying for the rank of Guide.
The guides have reviewed and discussed your application, and I have good news! We would like to see a trial tour from you.

This tour should be of one or more locations on the map and you are required to use Discord for the tour. This tour should also not be longer than 40 minutes.
After the tour you may be asked to complete a trial period of a month.

Please message me on Discord to arrange a time for your tour, and if you have any questions make sure to ask me, or any of the guides.
Hello @Ethan_bro

Thank you for your trial tour today, we have been thinking about your application and we would like to give you a trial period. Here are just a few reminders about your one month trial period that ends on 25th of June.

As per the application guidelines, it's up to you to keep this post updated. Whenever you do a tour, minigame, event or so on, it's up to you to let us know in here.

At some point during your trial period, you will be expected to complete another trial tour as well. Once again, it's up to you to let us know the details of that, specifically the date and time you'd like to do it and where you'd like it to take place. It can be whenever you want, so long as you communicate your ideas over to us!

We'll support you through it. If there's anything you want announcing in #alerts, then let us know. If there's anything you'd like the Guides explicitly to be at, then once again say it down below. We'll keep you updated from time to time, with feedback or updates regarding your application.

Good luck!
Had a blast! ran some races and hide n seek! Its been hard to get online but im trying my best!
Did a very chill tour with two people on Rivendell. talked about Rivendell's geography and a little of its history. showed a secret location. and talked about the server lore. then did some geo guesser and a race!
Did a quiz hide n seek and geo guesser! almost broke my laptop today but where getting through it haha
Did a big race a hide n seek and a geo guesser. have been helping a lot of adventurers recently as well.
Hello @Ethan_bro,

As we said to you in voice chat yesterday, we don't think you're quite ready to become a guide at the moment. You are welcome to apply again in at least 2 months. Of course you can continue running tours & minigames and try to improve on your lore of the server.

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