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Accepted FoolhardyFish's Foreman Application

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Minecraft Username: FoolhardyFish
Date Joined: 03 June 2018
Country: UK
Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?
I often put it on in the background to listen to but, I don’t talk as much as I could do.
Do you actively speak on our voice communication?
Again, probably not as much as I could do. Though to be honest, my ability to actually speak on discord has improved since becoming an artist.
Do you have any particular skills?
I pride myself in being able to replicate a building style and I also find great enjoyment in discovering new ways of utilising the armour stand plugin. I also tend to be brutally honest when giving out advice to those who ask for it, but I feel that this is the best type of advice, especially if someone wants to improve their building abilities further.
Why are you applying for this rank?
After careful consideration, a substantial amount of bugging from various people and, once again, several beers, I’ve decided that Foreman could be rather fun. I’ve also found that jobs aren’t as significant as they used to be, and I intend to try and revive them as a far more necessary part of an adventurer’s/commoner’s experience on MCME.
Some screenshots or pictures of your most impressive builds:
Both of these were built without the aid of WorldEdit because I enjoy torturing myself:
2018-12-20_11.10.01.png2019-01-02_15.53.39.png 2019-04-12_21.37.30.png2019-04-12_21.37.56.png
The Anorien styled builds have been a lot of fun, really enjoy contributing to the project and building alongside Ober:


  • 2019-04-11_07.50.22.png
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  • 2019-04-12_21.30.15.png
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I know this is a bit late but...
Hello FoolhardyFish, thanks for your application! I recommend that you ask us for some practise jobs to show us if you are ready and training to run real jobs. When we think you are ready we will contact you about your trial job. Also don't forget it is your job to move this application forward.

Good luck!
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