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Canceled Geltix09 guide application

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Is going on an adventure!
Hello im Geltix
Im 12 years old
I joined may 2021
Im from romania and i can play like 5pm UTC- 8pm UTC. In weekend, i can everytime i have the chance
I join voice chats every time i see one and greet the people in that voice chat
I think a good guide will be friendly and listen to what the community is asking He need to help the people who ask for something
If i will be a guide i will do tours because in this way the community can explore everything this server has to offer and other games like race and hide and seek
Hope i get the role
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Hello @Geltix09,

The guides have reviewed and discussed your application, however we've decided that unfortunately we will not be going forward with your application. We highly recommend you to become commoner first and try to be more active and well known in the community. You could achieve this by joining Discord more often, coming to some more events, logging onto the server more, and being helpful in chat.

When you've been commoner for some time and become more known in the community, I would suggest that you applied for the tours or minigames badge first, because those can get you involved within the community even more and it would help with a Guide application in the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or anyone from the guide team.
Hey @Geltix09 ,

One thing I'd like to add, since you mentioned that you are 12 years old, is that you need to be at least 13 years old to apply for Guide or the Tours badge.
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