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Canceled Greetly's Guide Application

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Minecraft Username : Greetly
Date Joined : 19 April 2019
What country are from / What time do you usually play online: United Kingdom, any time from 9-9 BST
Are you regularly on our voice communication? Yes but I am trying to be even more active in the voice communication
Do you talk on our voice communication? Yes -I've recently started speaking in voice communication.

Why would you like to be a Guide? I have wanted to be a guide ever since I have been a commoner on the server. I really like helping people out on the server as it is important to give a good first impression to keep more adventurers on the server. I am not the best builder, and I spend quite a lot of time in the main world. One of my favourite things to do on MCME is walk the Fellowship path with adventurers. I would like to be a guide so I can help more new players and experienced players alike, giving unique tours and showing areas which are sometimes missed by the majority of the playerbase.
What makes a great Guide according to you? A great Guide should be an active and friendly face in the community. Whenever a question is asked or someone needs help, a guide should be able to give their advice and assistance. I have been active since late 2021 and I am well knowledgeable about common problems on the server for new players.
What are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the Guide role? My strengths are that I am fairly well known in the community and can answer questions new players may have in relation to the server or if they need any other assistance. I am also fairly good at Tolkien lore and would make sure I had thoroughly covered the content for any area I want to tour. I may not be able to answer every question regarding lore as it covers a broad range but I will do my best to answer whatever questions arise. Since I have only become active in late 2021, I am not too good on server lore and player history however I am trying to get better and will make sure I know who built what for my tours.
What experience have you had on MCME? Whilst I was an adventurer, I ran tours through the Paths of the Dead. I ran many tours with text chat and because of this, I can fluently give a tour and guide players through that area, making sure to show people alternative routes and easter eggs etc. I have joined tours as well as jobs such as building walls in Lond Daer and some of the "Great Lore Tours" for the summer 2022 event. I feel I am active in the community and try to join in as many events and VCs as possible. Furthermore, I am a project manager on the Erebor freebuild project and the project leader for the Pall Mall project.

Thank you for reading my application :)
Hey Greetly,

Thanks for applying for Guide! We're discussing your application, and we'll get back to you soon! You may be asked to carry out a trial period, which includes running events, minigames, and tours. You'll be expected to conduct many of them through voice chat on our Discord. For now, if you have any questions, feel free to ask @Smaug_Niphredil, @Givet10_, any of the Guides, or myself.
Hello Greetly

We have reviewed your Guide application and we would like you to do a trial tour. The tour can be of any location on the server and should last no longer than 40 minutes. After the trial tour, we will inform you if you will receive a trial period to become Guide. Please message myself, Givet, or Shen to arrange a date and time for your tour.
Hey Greetly,

As we discussed in Discord, unfortunately we don't think you're ready for a trial period at the moment. We've given you our feedback on your trial tour, and we're looking forward to seeing how you use it to improve so you'll be ready next time! If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to message @Smaug_Niphredil, @Givet10_, any of the Guides, or myself.
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