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Guide Applications

Hello everyone!

I greet you with news regarding Guide applications!

This has been discussed, changed and finalised to the point where I can bring it to the community now.

Basically, it was noted by @Soars that Guide Applications have very little to go at or work for, in essence, you get a trial tour, you pass or you fail, that's it. There's nothing to work at, nothing to gain etc. So we've decided to try and change that. Instead, we've created a system that works similarly to the current way Artist applications are carried out, where you develop your application over time.

You may know that a few of our recent Guide applicants, including @Archimdes, @TeamPalladian and @D3rr3x all went through a small trial "period", where they had the badges and showed off what they could do. Well, this is effectively what this new system would be. I'll break it down for you in a chain of events, so you get a better understanding.

  1. Applicant send in their application
  2. Their application is discussed amongst the Guides and Builders on whether they should be given a trial period
  3. If yes, the applicant is given the tours badge and minigames badge and the trial begins
  4. In the trial, they are monitored on their community interaction, ability to run tours and games, mature behaviour, and other guide traits. The applicant should do as much as they can to prove to us that they'd make a great Guide. This can be done through tours, minigames, events, or just regularly being online answering questions.
  5. The applicant is to jot down on their application what they've done and when (eg I ran a tour today, it lasted 40 minutes and 5 people showed up. It was pretty good)
  6. At some point, the applicant will be asked to complete a trial tour, like in the previous system
  7. At the end of the period, the applicant has a discussion with the Head Guide, and a final verdict is given on whether they should be promoted to Guide or not
In short, you have to do a lot more to become a Guide, other than just run a trial tour, as after all, Guides don't just run tours, we do a lot more, and we feel this application system would reflect that.

This is basically how it would run. This system makes Guide a lot more meaningful upon promotion, as you feel you've worked hard for it. It also gives you a full flavour of what you're getting into, before you become a Guide.

I realise that this is indeed a big change to the way applications are ran, yet after a few tweaks along the way, we believe that this will be a lot more beneficial in the long term. At some point in the not so distant future, I will write up an application tutorial, similar to Bart's Artist Applicants Guide.

That's all from me for now, this will be confusing for people I'm sure, however when that tutorial comes out, and as time goes by, hopefully it'll become clearer. Any questions as always, message me, soarz or one of the Guides. Thank you ladies and gents :)