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Headcanon - The Origin of Hobbits as a Threefold Hybrid Race


Slab Fanatic
It is a popular, if controversial, fan-theory that Hobbits are the result of interbreeding between Men, Elves, and Dwarves. There is of course no evidence to substantiate this theory, yet it is one I quite like. Here’s my take on it.

It’s my headcanon that Hobbits are the result of couplings between members of the three races that would not record such incredible unions: Avari, Petty-Dwarves, and the predominant member of this mixed genepool, the Drûgh.

But wait, you say, Dwarves are not Children of Ilûvatar, but creations of Aulë! True, but at first they were beings of Earth. I believe that when Ilúvatar “adopted” the Dwarves from Aulë, He not only imbued them with souls and sentient minds, but also flesh, blood, and bone, and generally bodies alike to those of the true Children of Ilúvatar. Thus, it is not inconceivable that reproduction is possible between Dwarves and the true Children of Ilúvatar.

So. Once there were Drûgh in the Anduin Vale (Westron Men had not yet reached Rhovanion, for the Drûgh were among the first out of Hildórien). They were a very accepting people. Every now and again they would welcome one of the other races that had been for whatever reason ostracized by their people. These adoptive members of the clan often copulated into the community genepool, and over time the clan became a threefold hybrid race, much more akin to the Drûgh (a race of Men) than Elves or Dwarves, but nevertheless carrying blood of both those races, and acquired some of the features of both, no longer truly resembling their Drûgh cousins. These were the Woodchildren.

In time further hybridization would occur to create the three distinct clans of Hobbit: the Harfoots (with some blood of the Northmen), the Stoors (with some blood of Dunmen), and the Fallowhides (with some Silvan blood).

Thus Hobbits are a race of Men, but not one of purely Mannish blood.
Drûgh, this sounds familiar
They have a whole chapter in Unfinished Tales: The Drúedain. The Drúedain are those Drû-folk among the House of Haleth that allied with the free peoples against Morgoth in the First Age, and so were counted among the Edain. The Drûgh I theorise as being the chief ancestors of Hobbits were far from Beleriand, though, so wouldn't be Drúedain, just regular Drú-folk (also called Woses and Púkel-men in LotR).