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Accepted HyprNinja's Foreman App

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Builds diagonally
Minecraft Username : HyprNinja
Date Joined : July 2019
Country: USA

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?

Do you have any particular skills?
Not only from my time as a Guide, but also from real life experiences such as being a counselor at summer camps and regularly helping teach at school, I am very comfortable and confident in my ability to lead and give feedback. I don't think I am particularly skilled in any one of the MCME styles, but I think I pick things up quickly and easily.

Why are you applying for this rank?
While I have enjoyed my time as Guide and plan to continue Guidely actions if I achieve this rank, I really want to contribute to the building of MCME. I think I have improved greatly since I first joined and now desire to fulfil that wish.

Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:


I have done many of these and have no wish to spam so I will stick to private jobs.


Theme Builds:

Additional Builds:

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Update 1:

Got a few builds to add to the list, but now builds are arranged from oldest to newest in each of they're respective sections.
First we got a Bree-ish style cooper that's at my freebuild area -> Bree Cooper
Second, taking my experience from the Bree cooper, I made an cooper interior in Harlond for rwyland -> Harlond Cooper
Last for now, a warehouse shipbuilding interior and alley outside in Harlond -> Shipyard Interior

Also joined effie's job on Harlond Walls
Update 2:

JOB! Fixed some dust/dirt derps and as well as some trapdoor derps in Upper Mines. Everything went pretty smoothly.

Did a block of shop/housing for Mershy in Harlond -> Harlond Block
Also did the Rohan Farm theme -> Rohan Farm

Moria Derp Job.png
Update 4:

Things going well, no jobs this time, but hopefully one will come in the near future.
First we got some large Harlond building. Not entirely sure what exactly this building is, rwyland just told me to build something based off one of the old Harlond structures. Ended up something administrative looking I guess. Large Harlond Building
Next, to satisfy my terraining desires, is another freebuild project which is just a simple river. River
Finally is the bell tower in Pelennor. Pelennor Bell Tower
Update 5:

Not much recently, gonna be honest. Been pretty busy with school and other stuff. I've still gotten a few things done however, and hopefully I should have a good number of jobs in the future.
First is Elaran's symbol that I made during the Lore Hour special. Elaran's Symbol
Also have a fancy cathedral-ish facade trying to really get familiar with the new block that aren't really new anymore. Fancy Facade
Lastly is another job, finally. Even after facing the aptly named aVeryAngryBadger because I screwed up, I still managed to keep the ability to do some jobs in her fields. So, hopefully the first of several, I ran a job on the main stone road going through those fields. Thanks to all those who joined and Effie for starting it!
Job-OsgoFieldsRoad1 .png
Update 6:

Greetings, managed to do a fair bit since last time. We got two more jobs done (woohoo) finishing off all the roads in the Osgo Fields. Also have started handing out plots for parts of the canals in Lond Daer. Only built one thing myself, but building the Erebor gate from the movies took a bit of time. Erebor Gate
Job-OsgoFieldsRoad2 .png
Update 7:

Hallo, back again with more stuff. Couple more jobs doing the roads in Pelennor for Swe, and also started road vegetation concepts for Osgo fields, but due to lack of time for me, Rudo kindly actually ran the jobs. Lond Daer canal plots are also still, slowly and surely chugging away, thanks to all who have volunteered. In terms of builds, got a few more things to add to the list.
First is a fortified bridge, kind of Cair Andros-y. Bridge
Second, tried out a longhouse-y kind of style. Longhouses
Last on the new list is just a simple brick tower. Brick Tower

Update 8:

Well, been a while since the last one of these. After the stream I've been going easier on building and taking my time a bit more. Think I've only run one job since last time. Forgot to take a picture, but started redoing the road in Lamedon the Grey Company goes down. Hopefully make that place a little prettier. The Lond Daer canals have been progressing nicely, almost complete with the lower section south of the palace, then we can start along the larger moat/canal. As for my own building, not much. Got a couple things in progress, which will hopefully be finished and posted soon.
Turtle Rock Terrain - Started redoing Turtle Rock in freebuild, only got so far as general terrain shape and a bit of structure planning. Not sure if I'll ever come back to it honestly.
Harlond Fish Market - Did this with aylalya and one stand by junoknight.
Harlond Stables/Cart Repair
Update 9:

Here we are again then. Carrotz to Rudo for getting Foreman. Anyhoo, straight to the builds. Oh, and Lond Daer canals are going to start picking up again, so message me if you want a plot.
Bridge Construction
Moria Gate - Hopefully will eventually have a cave around it, but that's taking quite a while so will post what gate I have now.
Harlond Glassblower
Harlond House
Update 10:

Well, well well, back again. Do I have new builds for you? Nope. Do I have a finished sub-project done for you? Hek ye! Lond Daer canals are done babyyyyyyyy. Huge amounts of progress in the past month as I have grinded away at them. Many thanks to all the commoners and anyone else who helped out in my boring plots or the job. Hopefully the city portion of Lond Daer will be done soon too as Orruss and Wyatt chug along with the rest of the city.


  • LD Canal finish.png
    LD Canal finish.png
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