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i cant join


Hardcore MCME-er
Try restarting you game, Like close the intire window.

If this doesnt work, Do you have a cracked version of minecraft? if so, we do not allow people with cracked version to join on MCME


Hardcore MCME-er
If u dont have a cracked version then just close the Minecraft window and restart from the launcher.


Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Media Team
i dont know do i have a cracked version, can u send me a download link?
Basically. Have you paid for Minecraft or not. If yes then, as Dav says, restart your game, maybe change your router settings.

If you haven't paid fot Minecraft, like Dav says, you'll need to, because cracked accounts are a no no.

Hope this helps :)

(Sorry Dav I literally retyped your answer lol)