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I found some awkward footprints in a river at Lothlorien


Starting Adventurer
At 4494, 100, -1858 there are some footprints in the river, I asked a builder currently on the server if it was on purpose, and it was. However, I thought that it looked really awkward to have footprints on water so, I've come up with a suggestion, we could build some of the rowboats that the fellowship used (3 if I remember correctly) with some footprints inside of them showing the direction the boats are going (it might still look strange but it will be better than Jesus footprints). I think that a boat at Dol Amroth will do the trick.




Sounds like a plan to me, however I would wait until we update to 1.13 so we can waterlog the boats so they look a lot nicer, otherwise we may forget when we fix all the derps (unless Eriol's plugin takes care of waterlogging blocks too)