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Resolved I Wanna be an Artist

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Hi My name in Minecraft is Lost_Souls34 or on Discord La Grande Couette.
I would Really like to become an Artist because what you've done guy's so fare is incredible and it inspire me on my creation on Minecraft, be on the team would be amazing by the fact that I will learn new thing on massive build on Minecraft and it will develop my creativity on details. in my life I am an artist I draw a lot do sculpture etc... so be an artist on this server would be nice to try a different type of art witch is: the art of building. I'm a master on Pixel Art so trying to remake thigs on Minecraft shouldn't be a problem, but as I said the details and all that stuff is not my strength and I would really like to upgrade that.

I do speak Anglish and French and I've been playing Minecraft for over 10 years so I have a lot of experience on this game and I would like to get somme more on massive build.

So yeah, that is my motivations to be on the team. I hope it is enough to be part of the team and good luck for the rest.

here's somme build I've made..

(all this has been made in survival mode)

And Those are my pixel art.

Hope these picture will help you to make your choice.



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You can apply for Artist Here and make sure you read the format and guide first. It may take a while before you can become Artist so make sure you stay active and join in on jobs (join the discord server to see when they’re up ) and do theme builds. Good luck. ;)
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