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Itai007's Artist Application


Dirt Conaisseur
Date: January 12, 2020

1. Fields with barteldvn 18.5
2. Stalactite in the great cavern with barteldvn 22.5
3. Osgiliath's wall with barteldvn 22.5
4. Blockmixing with Mithrilled 3.6
5. Shrubs #1 with Mithrilled 17.6
6. Anorien roads with Xmine01 21.6
7. Shrubs #2 with barteldvn 22.6
8. Shrubs #3 with barteldvn 29.6
9. Osgo wall + veg with barteldvn 5.7
10. Anorien streams with Mithrilled 8.7
11. Anduin blocks darkening with barteldvn (Added 12.7)
12. Marshes with Darki (Added 12.7)
13. Anorien streams #2 with Oberanio (Added 13.7, Private job)
14. Andrast river with Mithrilled (Added 17.7)
15. Anorien streams #3 with Oberanio (Added 19.7, Private job)
16. Moria uni with barteldvn (Added 20.7)
17. Interior at Mershy Mine with Mershy (Added 31.7, Private job - Built interior for a Moria house with TheSweViking)
18. Anorien river with maski98 (Added 9.8
19. Wall farms with Oberanio (Added 9.8, Private job)

1. Moria Carpentry classroom for Mershy (Added 15.7)
2. Trees for Rogue_Scholar (Added 27.7)
3. Moria house for Xmine01 (Added 28.7)
4. Osgiliath Armour and Weapon Storage for maski98 (Added 28.7)
5. Osgiliath lookout post with ESPER__, for maski98 (Added 28.7)
6. Interior at Araburg for maski98 (Added 8.8)
7. Interior at Araburg #2 for maski98 (Added 9.8)
8. Interior at Araburg #3 for maski98 (Added 9.8)
9. Interior at Araburg #4 for maski98 (Added 11.8)
10. Chamber of light house ruining for draonic_slayer (Added 11.8)

1. Pits of Isengard (340,6,47891)
2. Castle[FFA] (325,6,48024)
3. Forest[FFA] (Added, 1541,6,47524)

Additional Builds:
1. Anorien house
2. Isengard Inspired Project
(Not MCME)
3. Trees
4. Anorien village
(-8949,11,-3944 FREEBUILD) <- Check this one out!
5. Moria tomb (Added 10.7)
6. Armor stand practice (Added 15.7)
7. Anorien tower house (Added 21.7)
8. Mountain (Added 26.7)
9. Small Ship (Added 1.8)

Your interests:
My interests are mainly Gondorian styled builds, although I believe that I can adapt styles quickly, And I'm always open for feedback.

Your motivation:
Throughout all my life, I had this love for fantasy, LOTR especially. I remember the first time I watched Lord of the rings, The excitement I experienced when Gandalf sacrificed himself to save The Fellowship from the Balrog or the sadness when Boromir died, I've been so attached to it. The moment I found out about a server that claims to recreate Tolkein's world in Minecraft I instantly knew I have to check it out, and so I did. The first visit left me speechless, After seeing all the amazing work that has been put into the server. And now, after playing for half a year, I'm excited to have the opportunity to contribute to such an amazing project.

My English isn't perfect, but I'll work on that too
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Dirt Conaisseur
Edit - Added "Andrast river" to Jobs

Started working on the [FFA] Forest theme build (Old, I know), here's the concept
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Dirt Conaisseur
- Added "Anorien tower house" to Additional builds
- Added "Anorien streams #3" to Jobs
- Added "Moria uni" to Jobs

Still working on the [FFA] Forest theme build, about 50% done
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Dirt Conaisseur
- Added "Osgiliath Armour and Weapon Storage" to Plotbuilds
- Updated "Trees (for Rogue_Scholar)" in Plotbuilds
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