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Canceled Johnyeric's Foreman Application

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Minecraft Username : johnyeric

Date Joined : May 2 2020

Country: Greece

Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?

Do you have any particular skills?
I can study and understand building styles and replicate them quite well. I can also give good explanations to people on topics I understand, e.g. how to build specific styles, what looks good or not, how to use the stick/custom inventory or armor stands.

Why are you applying for this rank?
I am a guide now but I really enjoy building. I also want to take my love for this community and new members and combine it with my love for building. Running jobs I find to be quite relaxing, as you can talk and welcome a few new members to MCME. I understand MCME building can be quite hard for a beginner and I believe I can give advice that will make it easier for new players to get into it. At the same time as welcoming people in the community, jobs are a great way to advance the project itself.

Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:
I understand I'm going from guide to foreman so bare with me as there will be a few more builds than usual in a foreman application:

-A few stalagmite/stalactite jobs with Bart -> link
-A few shrub jobs with Mithrilled -> link
-River detailing job with Mithrilled -> link
-Also some more jobs like roads for maski but I didn't take pictures

-Roads block-mixing and detailing for maski ->link
-Moria plots for Mershy, Daom, rwyland and badger -> link
-Lond daer plots for Luk and Mattlego -> link
-Rammas Echor plots for Drao -> link
-Movie cave plot for badger -> link
-Movie cave vol. 2 -> link
-Movie cave vol. 3 -> link
-Lond daer palace ruining (idk if that counts) (WIP) -> link
-moviecave bridge plot for badger -> link
-Moria Storage Hall plot for Daom -> link

Additional Builds:
-Tree -> link
-Mineshaft theme(slightly broken textures as it is quite old, first one I did on the server) -> link
-Interiors Artist school -> link
-Araburg style house (southern gondor, exterior) -> link
-Osgiliath style tower (unruined) -> link
-Dol Amroth style house (exterior) -> link
-Rohan style house (exterior) -> link
-Additional miscellaneous builds -> link
-Ruined Anorien village for drao -> link
-Moria scaffolding design -> link
-moria statues based off 2na's design for a concept for Durin's Tomb WIP -> link
-Brandywine Bridge Theme Build -> link
-Added Moria West Gate Storage hall design -> link
-Frigate ship -> link

Larger Scale Projects:
-DDay inspired pvp map (several people helped create it, WIP) -> link

voxel stuffs -> link
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Finished taking care of the redstone derps in Durin's Crossroads.
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