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Accepted junoknight's Guide Application

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Slab Fanatic
Minecraft Username : junoknight

Date Joined : 05 November 2020 (Please format the date as DD Month YYYY)

What country are from / What time do you usually play online:
USA. I usually play between 4pm and 9pm Pacific Time on weekdays, 10am - all day on weekends.

Are you regularly on our voice communication? Yes

Do you talk on our voice communication? Yes

What makes a great Guide according to you?
A great guide is someone who enjoys helping others, communicating, leading, explaining things, repeating things, and being an integral part of a community. This looks like being the first person to greet new players, thorough answers to new player questions, running PvP when there are enough people online, running creative tours that get the whole community involved (tours aren't just for new players!), encouraging less active/involved people to get more active and involved; and by virtue of all these things being a well respected member both of the Team and the community at large.

Why do you want to be a Guide?
I have always enjoyed being a contributor and taking on helping others, especially newer people. I enjoy presenting and teaching, I enjoy social time, and I enjoy community building, all of which are things the Guide team does very well. I believe it would be a lot of fulfilling fun to be part of the Guide team, to run tours and PVP, help out new players, and get to take part in event planning.
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Hey @junoknight

Thank you for applying for the rank of Guide.

We are in the process of reviewing your application and discussing it. You may be asked to carry out a trial period. This includes running minigames, tours, it events, some of which will be expected to be ran through voice chat on discord.

We'll get back to you soon. For now, if you have any other queries, please direct them towards myself, or any of the current guides.
Hey @junoknight

The guides have discussed your application and we have decided that we would like to see a trial tour from you. After this tour you may be asked to complete a trial period. This tour should be of one or more locations on the map and you should use Discord for the tour. The tour should also be no longer than 40 minutes. Please message me on Discord to arrange a time for your tour.

Good luck!
Thanks for joining my trial tour everyone!


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We had a great tour today starting in Lothlorien where we reviewed its entire history from the first age through the fourth, then heading down to Amon Hen, and finally a trek into the paths of the dead (until the server crashed on us, anyway). Thanks everyone for coming! I especially enjoyed our happy hour at the Lothlorien Brewery. All told we went for about an hour, and had a blast doing it.

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Thank you for your trial tour the other day, here are just a few reminders about your one month trial period that ends on Wednesday, 14 April.

As per the application guidelines, it's up to you to keep this post updated. Whenever you do a tour, minigame, event or so on, it's up to you to let us know in here and here only. This is the only place we will look at for progress on your application, we won't check anywhere else!

At some point during your period, you will be expected to complete another trial tour as well. Once again, it's up to you to let us know the details of that, specifically the date and time you'd like to do it and where you'd like it to take place. We won't prompt you to complete one, yet it's detrimental to the success of your application. It can be whenever you want, so long as you communicate your ideas over to us!

We'll support you through it. If there's anything you want announcing, in #alerts or #news, let us know in here. If there's anything you'd like the Guides explicitly to be at, then once again say it down below. We'll keep you updated from time to time, with feedback or updates regarding your application.

Good luck!
Another day, another tour (and a minigame)!
Today I toured some new players around many builds on the server, starting in Dol Amroth (always a crowd favorite), moving on through Dol Caranthan, Umbar (naturally), Michel Delving, Tolfalas, (a few others I didn't write down), and finally Lothlorien. During a brief stint on Tolfalas, we ran the Tolfalas race (I forgot the screenshots on that one though). We had a great time, and led a new adventurer to her first themebuild plot!

Thanks again to Haldir and Hypr for being around to support my tours!!



Emeryld and I ran a joint server easter egg tour yesterday, we had a blast!

Here we are at the heart of osgo (it was a bit crampt)

We ended our tour at the staff museum under Michel Delving.


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Got all set up to give a new player a tour, then they left as soon as we started it. So we went on a tour to hit up some more easter eggs, this time featuring some naughty locations! Thanks for joining all : )

The king of the sewers:


And of course:


(Not pictured: The saucy wench and the dol caranthan pleasure house)
Ran a joint lore tour with TheStephen today, touring (and mostly walking) from Rivendell through the Redhorn pass, past Mirrormere, through Lorien, and then off to see Ost In Edhil. Quite the fun tour! Bonus, Stephen gave us lots of fun geography facts as well.

After the tour I ran minigames for a bit - we did hide and seek in Ost In Edhil and Bag End, then a lore quiz! I'm still getting the hang of the minigames commands lol
Sorry for the lack of updates! Been a busy week for me at work. I have been online and active, though, so here's where I've been:

I signed on for a full day Sunday, starting with PVP in the morning with the usual crew, and then I took part in judging Build Battles (Congrats to the winners, and also ... wow Tedo)

I then took a new player and some usual suspects on a tour

On Monday I ran some minigames which was fun!

On Tuesday I led the Touring Tuesday tour, where we covered the Kingdoms of Men of Arnor, Rohan, and Gondor. A great time was had by all. Maybe a bit too great, as the server crashed while we were attempting to finish the tour in Minas Tirith :)

I have also generally been around and active in #general, #support, and #lore-discussion with the community.
Yesterday I helped judge Build Battles again (Congrats as always to our winners! And remember, friends don't let friends uwu)

Then I took folks on a trek through Moria following the Fellowship path (with a detour here and there).

And then took part in Effie's river dig!
(effie sees all)
Choose your own Tour! Yesterday (Friday), Hover and I took folks around quite a number of places. You can blame @TheStephen for the impossibly hard lore questions.

And this afternoon I took some new players (and familiar faces) on a brief tour. An adventurer was stuck and unsure how to get out of Lorien, so I took them as far as Amon Hen, then we warped off to Fangorn and visited Treebeard for a selfie.
Happy Easter!
Today I ran some minigames (a couple races and some quizzes), then helped out judging build battles again, and then helped Kaigomai prepare for his trial tour.
Race #1: Paths of the dead

(I forgot to join the first one, oops)

Race #2: Ithilien (I got 2nd!)

And then there was build battles


And finally, Stephen, Haldir, and I went through Kai's trial tour as a dry run with him. Good luck Kai!


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What a fun great lore tour today! I shared Lothlorien with Orruss, then took over for a tour through Fangorn and Isengard. I also helped pinch-hit for Edoras with Emeryld. A lovely time was had by all (except Givet).




After the lore tour, I ran some minigames - starting with a race! From the end of the Paths of the Dead all the way to Pelargir.



The race got real tight at the end when everybody went the wrong direction, congrats to Drao for winning (and Green for second place)!


Last bit of fun for the day, I ran a few rounds of lore quiz. Was a good chance for @HoverKing to note a bunch of wrong answers to be fixed later. Super fun!

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