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Accepted LeBlancGandalf's Application


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Joined: 16th August 2019
Jobs and Plotbuilds:
- Decorated paths in Moria with Foreman NicovicTheSixth
- Terraformed caves in Moria with Foreman NicovicTheSixth - Link
- River terraforming with Designer Oberanio - Link
- Retaining wall with Designer Oberanio - Link
- Farm path mixing with Designer Oberanio - Link
- Decorating mineshafts in Moria with Designer Dav3ck
- Road building with Foreman FoolhardyFish/Designer Dav3ck - Link
- Road smoothing with Artist Didi45 - Link
- Road detailing with Head Builder barteldvn - Link
- Stream vegetation with Designer Oberanio - Link
- Pillar building/cave smoothing with Foreman NicovicTheSixth - Link
- Tunnel pillar building with Foreman NicovicTheSixth - Link
- Decorating mineshafts in Moria with Designer Dav3ck - Link
Theme Builds:
- Forsaken Inn - Link
- Beorn's Hall - Link
- Ship - Link
Additional Builds:

- Rohirric house - Link
- Dol Caranthan style house - Link
- Fantasy Castle (unfinished but I wanted to include it anyways) - Link
- Castle LeBlanc (the album is kinda big because there is a lot to show) - Link <-- Check this one out!!
Contest Builds:
- Moria mines [WIP] - Link

I don't really have a favourite build style, but I don't think I would enjoy Elven builds as much as I do, say, Gondorian or Rohirric. I enjoy building the curved, barn-like roofs and I like to think I'm decent at terraforming.
I'm not a massive LOTR fan, but I enjoy the films and have read the Hobbit and LOTR books. Primarily I think that for me, the main attraction of being an artist on the MCME server is being part of the community, and being able to say that I helped out with this project of ridiculous scale. I've already shown my brother the pillar I built on the Moria build day (it is right next to the path the fellowship takes), and although it is only a minute detail in the huge world that you guys have crafted, I still think it's cool that I can be part of it.
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Head Builder
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Hey LeBlancGandalf,

Here's some feedback on your application so far:

Forsaken inn:
- Pretty nice job on filling up the rest of this big plot!
- Only thing I can mention is avoid round fields. (around the windmill) Fields should have a pretty straight wall around them, unless of course there's something obstructing it.

- The in doesn't look very abandoned from the outside, I'd maybe have the roof colapsed inwards and roughen up the colouring of the outside walls.
- The roof would probably look a bit better with vertical slabs instead of stairs. (looks more smooth)

- The lover room has somekind of beams, the upper does not, try to add them in everywhere to not have those flat ceilings. ;)
- In general I always like having the bottem floor stone. (It's also easier to add some ruining details to stone.) (For wood you only have the one dark wooden planks you can mix with the oak ones.)
- The interior looks somewhat abandoned, however maybe some damage would be nice, some cracks in the floor, some water damage , some vegetationg coming up....

Beorn's hall:
- The shape and layout are well chosen for the theme.
- I'd suggest trying to smooth out the thatch roof a little. (see dol caranthan thatch houses)
- Windows! :)

- Try making the ceiling a bit more interesting, maybe show some of the thatch on the inside or have some smaller beams instead of the long ones.
- Maybe try a dark wooden floor or even better a stone floor to be able to mix in some other blocks.
- I'd suggest in the future to make some smaller rooms as well, making big rooms interesting can be quite hard.

Good job on your application so far!


Staff member
Added 'road smoothing' job and updated the 'Beorn's Hall' theme build (new pics in the album marked with 'update')