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LOL That Droog Said...

Not that I didn't recognize them when I saw them, just that I couldn't picture their faces. But when it comes to Willy Wonka, yeah, it does become a problem for me.
Due to the fact that this forum gets very off-topic sometimes, I will take it upon myself to implement the Official Off-Topic Image. No discussions may be made about said topic once the off-topic picture has been used. (within reason) Here it is:

I Hereby Declare Willy Wonka OFF-TOPIC!

I don't know if you can take the link from the picture so http://image.forumfree.it/2/7/5/8/8/4/8/1200165198.jpg
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Ok people official notice coming! Since this thread always is most likely to go Off topic all further posts of this nature will be deleted.
To be honest: I asked myself the same question when I logged in on the server after a long time being away.
I unterstand him...