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Contest Lond Daer Palace Contest

~|~ Lond Daer Palace Contest~|~

/warp LDContest


07-02-2021 - 21-03-2021

Wait what is this? A Competition? Do those even exist anymore?
Well yes they do, and we are happy and proud to bring you the Lond Daer Palace Competition!

Judges: @mattlego , @_Luk

General Overview​



You have been given the task to build the Palace in the middle of Lond Daer’s Old Town. For that you will be given a plot (the area within the blue wool in the picture above).


We have prepared a folder with Inspirational Pictures of what we have in mind.

In General Lond Daer is heavily inspired by Byzantine and Roman Architecture, look no further than the Hippodrome or the design of the Main Walls for signs of that. A very general rule of thumb that you should think about when building is the idea of monumentalism. The build should be extremely sturdy (even up to 6-7 meter thick walls (or more) to allow large portions of it to remain relatively intact. Another useful trick is to think about screenshots when building to allow for cool sightlines. Also do not hesitate to use the already existing walls and docks of New Town and edit them. Work with the height difference and embrace making this your own! And one must not forget… from the air everything must be mossy.




Tolkien Gateway
LOTR Fandom


Proportions: You will be given the piece of land that the Palace will be built on. The general Dimensions of the palace are hinted at with the red Wool planning, you are however free to extend outside of these, if you see fit, such as to include the Walls or Docks in the Palace.
Team: You must work in a team of at least 2 players as it is a VERY large area (unless your bart). Due to Limits on the Plot Plugin, Teams of more than 8 players are not possible.
Style: We want to give you guys a good amount of freedom with creating your own style for the palace but if it doesn't fit with the other buildings it will not get implemented. So keep in mind it has to blend in with the style already implemented in the rest of Lond Daer. Best you check out the Bathhouse and the Triumph Arc for inspiration.
Resource Pack: The palace needs to be built in Gondor RP (/rp g)

Who can join?

Every member of MCME can join in the Contest, that includes everyone from Adventurer up to the Heads.

How to take part?

Sign up by replying in this thread with the following Information:
Team name: <name>
Team participants: <person1>,<person2> etc

Useful Tools​

Here are some of the WorldEdit brushes that we have used in Lond Daer that you might find useful (assuming you have access to WE).

/br sphere 60%stripped_oak_wood[axis=z],55%yellow_concrete,40%grass_block,15%oak_leaves[persistent=false,distance=2],7%red_mushroom_block[north=true,east=false,south=false,west=true,up=true,down=true] 5
And you can modify this as you see fit but I usually just do: /mask brown_wool

Road Vegetation:
/br sphere 80%grass,7%nether_wart[age=3],3%air 5
//gmask "air >grass_block,yellow_concrete,stripped_oak_wood,oak_leaves"


Start: 07-02-2021
End: 21-03-2021
After this 6 weeks time period the best palaces will be judged.


Team #01: Minerva
Team #02: Mantra
Team #03: Volkswagen
Team #04: The Dream Team
Team #05: The Three Musketeers
Team #06: A Belgian, a Dutchman, Two Englishmen and an American walk into a bar
Team #07: He Bites
Team #08: Pacific Rim
Team #09: uses teeth I suck better
Team #10: Make Lond Daer Great Again
Team #11: The Dunedain

a) If your team wins it will be used in Lond Daer but it might receive small modifications to better make it blend in or small style adjustments.
b) In the rare case if none of the palaces fit in, we will make one together with the teams that are closest to fit the style.
c) The time may be extended if the judges can't agree on the finalist or if a team asks for an extension with a valid reason (i.e. illness or other real life stuff).
d) The rules and this post can be subject to change.
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Team name: Volkswagen
Team participants: SpassTV, Esper_, Johnyeric, MPMC, Effiefrag, Amha333, Rudolphius, MathewVP
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Team name: The Dream Team
Team participants: Foxy, Llama, Bean, Juno, and maybe some more have to do some asking around
Is it possible to have a go at this outside of the competition? Haven't built much in years and don't have that much time, but I would like to have a try
Is it possible to have a go at this outside of the competition? Haven't built much in years and don't have that much time, but I would like to have a try
Sure thing! I could just give you a plot and not be it an official part of the competition
Hey Luk, I'm in the same boat as Wod. I'd love a plot to see how my build skills hold up these days. But just for the lols my team name can be, "Ignore This"
Hey Luk, I'm in the same boat as Wod. I'd love a plot to see how my build skills hold up these days. But just for the lols my team name can be, "Ignore This"
Kinda wish I could join...
Yesterday I tried claiming a theme build plot. Ended up spending half an hour understanding how to get a pickaxe to remove some rocks. :D
Team could be "Ignore Us"?